Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jazz in June but now it's July.

Norman, Oklahoma has its very own little jazz festival every June. It's true. We are so cultured out here on the plains. L, X-tina and I would go pretty much every summer growing up. I think I might have gone with Mr. Shain at one point. It was always an event. There were glow sticks. You know. My dad would often chaperon when we were much younger (elementary school). I was always terrified that he'd end up on stage as he's a trumpeter and knows half the people performing. I think that only happened once. It was quite the hot spot to show off summer tans, summer flings, stuff like that and I guess it still is. As L and I walked from our parking spot to the stage area, we passed through a gaggle of high schoolers/under 21ers. Kids these days! Sweet Jesus! Girls in Oklahoma are image professionals. How do they do it? How do they afford it? Short shorts over toned and tanned legs. Perfectly blond, blown out hair. Coach bags. BCBG tops. Michael Kors heels. Mani/pedis to the max. Sexily arched eyebrows. Sorostitues in training. The boys wear vintage t-shirts, shorts, retro-ish sneakers, and lots of Polo Sport. I was about to be intimidated until I got a beer. Ha. None of you can drink. L and I planted ourselves on a patch of grass and listened to the show. Pretty good. I surveyed the scene and came across several little pods of people I could imagine being friends with. [Why aren't I? Where are the people like me in this town and how do I meet them?] There's really not much better than a beer and outdoor music. This guy came and sat down sorta close to us. He kept looking over, but never really said anything. Of course, we didn't say anything either. And then I found $5.

L (in the hat) and I enjoying the moon, beer, music, judging people and mosquitoes.


Mr. Shain said...

aaaaah. jazz in june! how cute. remember when it used to be in brookhaven square back when we were in school? that was such the festival. i remember your dad always being there too. now it's all huge and commercial and there's no jazz. also, you couldnt pay me enough to be in oklahoma right now. well, in all fairness, YOU couldn't pay me enough, but someone probably could.

what are you doing with your thumb in that picture?

blythe said...

it's still in brookhaven square. and there is too jazz. i've started a countdown for your return to the homeland. it's sooner (pun intended) than you think!

i couldn't tell you what's up with my thump. probably shoulda cropped that out. hmm.

Mr. Shain said...

i thought they moved it to one of the parks?

Jess said...

There's little that goes better with beer and music outdoors than judging people.

blythe said...

i know, right? ah summer!

Julie_Gong said...

I ask myself that same question... where do I meet awesome people like me in PGH?

If I lived in OK I'd be your friend... maybe.