Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things I Don't Like, But Feel I Should.

As the workload increases, I've found myself hard up for new material. Also, I am leading an exceedingly boring life minus some minor excitement over TV shows, overly indie music and deep fried food items (jalepeno poppers!!!). Goulet Wednesday is on hiatus because I am boycotting Nicole Rchie's pregnancy. I would like to see the Harry Potter movie today, but I don't think I can convince anyone to go with me. This got me to thinking about how if I wanted to see Transformers, I could round up some people easily, but the thing is, I don't want to see Transformers, and a small part of me feels badly about that. A small part of me also enjoys dipping bacon in ranch dressing, but that's not the point. The point is, I actually feel culturally guilty for not appreciating the following:

Yup. Another shitty live action movie denegrating my memory of the toys of my youth. There have been posts ad nauseum, so I will spare you, but have we forgotten The Flintstones? I do not want to see this, yet I feel compelled to pretend that I do. But I don't and you can't make me.**

The Doors
Listening to The Doors makes me want to kill myself, and not in a good way. Randy would say Jim's pitchy and I would say he flat out sucks. Val Kilmer makes the whole thing worse. But, much like The Who, I feel as if I should revere them.

Dane Cook
Wearing bedazzled True Religion jeans while spitting into a microphone does not make you funny. I dunno. There's something so douche about this douche.

College Basketball
I would love to be all up in that shit, but I just don't have it in me. I am spent from college football, which I only half love.

That Bowl Thingy from KFC
It combines all of my favorite things in the world, yet together, totally nasty.

** This movie does make me think about how I wish everyday things had the power to transform. e.g. when my mom busts into my room my one hitter turns into a high paying job.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of the KFC bowl. Keep in mind that I dip all meats in mashed potatoes. Pork chop? Dip it in mashed potatoes! Steak? Dip that slab of meat in the taters! But what is the best meat to dip in mashed potatoes? Fried chicken! If you cut me open, I'd bleed mashed potatoes.

blythe said...

i think the problem is the cheese. i can't pinpoint it, though. i'm really disappointed in myself for this one. i was so hopeful.

d said...

the KFC bowl is so much grosser than anything on the planet. i'm with you. each ingredient seperately=AWESOME. together?=totally disgusting.

i'm going to pretend you didn't say that about college bball.

both the doors and the who suck balls.

blythe said...

word up.

but i want to like college b-ball, i'm just tired come winter/spring whenever it starts. maybe this year is the year. but OU always sucks, so bleh.

also, can't someone get on gmail chat out there? i'm dying over here.

Mr. Shain said...

god both of our posts were top 5 worst ever today. this is why we can't joint blog--we're on the same blog cycle.

blythe said...


stewpid said...

ok, first of all, college basketball is BEYOND AWESOME, you just have to go to the right one first, like UNLV Runnin' Rebels in 1992. Which come to think of it might be hard to get tickets to.

Secondly, the Who rocks your crappy asses. Pullll it apart: Awesome drums. I mean, mind-blowingly amazing awesome out of this world drums. Guitars, wow. Pete Townshend shredding all there is to shred. Bass a boom boom bow. Never underestimate the power of the bass to get the song where it needs to be. Then, ok, Roger Daltrey screeching lyrics, which can be tiresome at best. So revisit the drums. And the bass. And the occasional rippling piano. It's all good. Shrooms help. The Who is a meeting of four of the grooviest separate players coming together in all rock. And then Keef died and, well, there you go.

C., KFC bowl: uuhhh, vomit?

Four, imagine if one-hitters COULD become high-paying jobs! And rolling papers coul dbecome handsome, handsome husbands who would come home with, like, diamondy gifts like those materialistic creeps in the commercials only not diamonds because have you seen Ice Road Truckers? Yeah. Not diamonds.

Big Daddy said...

'French fried per-taters'
- Slingblade

I think The Doors are overrated as well.

exile_grrl said...

1. Only certain songs by The Doors should be tolerated "Peace Frog" and "Touch Me" as for The Who-yes you are absolutely right.
2. College Hoops-I'm a big fan, but I only start paying attention around Feb. You just need to know enough to win your office pool and gloat because you're a girl College football is a whole other animal. It is the greatest time of the year. I already have the Bill Steele 2007 preview. I've dogeared the pages I think are important.
3. KFC bowl is foul. It might be better minus the corn and add some cheese.

exile_grrl said...

...wait it has cheese maybe it just needs more.

Alex said...

jesus tapdancing christ in a chicken basket. the doors are awesome. and so are/is transformers.

dane cook, overrated, but still kinda funny. i thought we came to an accord on this months ago. he might be a douchebag, but he's a douchebag with good delivery (albeit he's loosing what little fastball he ever had)

college basketball = the shit. especially now with the new one and out rule with the high school kids. we have stars again! however, college football is still exponentially better than its bball counterpart.

as for the kfc bowl. yeah, its weird. it sounds like something i should definitely be interested in, but alas, such is not the case. kind of like fat sandwich. ugh.

Beau said...

you should make your own KFC bowl, then it's good but use white gravy instead of brown and mac n cheese instead of just shredded cheese. You can't eat them very often though and they taste better when you are drunk, but much harder to make.

college basketball - i really enjoy losing money when i bet on the tourney games, but thats about it

dane cook - I watched his HBO special, I laughed heartily approximately 3 times, and that is all.

The Doors - maybe you had to grow up listening to them, but they don't get skipped when my music is on random

Transformers - I want to see it, I will eventually, but I want to see Harry Potter as well.

Annie said...

That last sentence just made you my hero.

Annie said...
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Dan said...

before i start getting into a pointless argument, i must ask: have you actually tried the KFC bowl?

Julie_Gong said...

that bowl makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

blythe said...

brief comment rebuttle:

the who still is not so great. there are worse, of course, but there are better, certainly.

i will do my best to keep up with college hoops this year. i'm always complaining that i need a (non destructive) hobby. also, i'd like to actually make some money in my almost certain office pool that will happen.

dane cook is a poor man's ryan reynolds anyway.

and, yes, i've tried the kfc bowl. problem is the breading gets soggy from the gravy. i hate that i know this.

oh, and still haven't seen either transformer or HPV. get it! ha! that's the funniest thing i think i've ever come up with.

Clinton said...

Dane Cook would be funny if 90% of his jokes weren't stolen from other comedians.

Also, speaking of funny, what you said about your one-hitter transforming into a high-paying job... yeah, THAT'S funny. Like, "snorted Diet Coke out of my nose" funny. Nicely done, Oklahoma.

blythe said...

true that. his t-shirts are too gay too. and not in a good way.

yup. everyone needs a little one hitter.

also, can oklahoma be my new name? bee-spot and blythe kinda suck. or i'm tired of them. or something.

Clinton said...

Well that's all I'm going to call you from now on, so, in other words... yes.

Homeless Blogger said...

These 5 things are the cornerstone of our nation. If you don't like them then you are unpatriotic. And then the terrorists win. However. Not liking the doors is a plus for you. So while you helped the terrorists beat down the greatest nation ever, ill still give ya a high five. BTW, I just found your site via [Redacted} and so far, you are not that bad. At least not as bad as me. Peace.

Big Daddy said...

Oklahoma hates our freedoms.

blythe said...

clinton - yes!

homeless blogger - i am so unpatriotic. i drive a japanese car and drink pellegrino by the case while smoking galois and listening to npr - oh wait, that's amercan. for a second, i thought [redacted] had linked to my site and i literally almost died (with happiness of course, because what more could a lowly oklahoma blogger want), but then i realized it was most likely through a comment, which actually is quite good enough. thanks and you're not so bad either.

big daddy - and how!

Dan said...

ah. there's your problem. you have to special order the kfc bowl. y'know how if you order a burger at McD's and say hold the ketchup, mustard, or onions, they have to make you a new one instead of giving you one of the old ones sitting there under the heat lamp? same deal. Order the kfc bowl with the corn on the side - tell them you're allergic to corn but you still want it to give to your dog or something - then ask them since they're making a fresh one, could they put the gravy on the bottom with the mash on top and then the fried chicken and cheese on top of that. Use your best girl on guy or girl on girl flirtation skills at this critical juncture. They, making min wage, don't see why not, and you get your bowl without soggy fried chicken breading - and possibly some digits. then you're free to sprinkle corn on the dish and mix it in at your leisure throughout the course of the bowl. Be careful about doing this in the restaurant though, as the cashier will certainly be insulted and probably be the younger sister of a dude with a gun. I mean brother.

so, there you go. get your bowl on.

blythe said...

someone is wearing their smarty pants...

i am wearing my hungry pants. i might actually try this. and document it, of course.