Monday, July 16, 2007

Hipster music types that I spoke ill of,

you have failed me. How come no one told me about the Dirty Projectors? I just find out about this tonight? What do I pay you for?

No More
Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego

Question: Do I On Demand last night's episode of Entourage (Which, quite frankly, I'm losing interest in. Lloyd's not in it enough, Drama annoys the shit out of me, I just want Turtle to get some, Sloan's boobs are out of the picture, Medellin sucks, etc) or dig up the ol' one hitter and try to teach myself Portuguese by listening to Joao Gilberto? This is what happens when you move home to Oklahoma. I do not recommend it. No comments, please, Shain.


NathanWind said...

entourage has become too self aware. "hey, we should talk about that Homegrown place and make it a trend to wear the hats." mark my words, you will see those hats somewhere that is not the set of the show. additionally, E has apparently decided that he is a toughbuy. billy is an addict, a limp wristed boy scout can beat him up when he's sober. let E and Billy fight when Billy's high, then we'll see what's what.and Vince isn't pulling the squirrel like he used to. the one at Dennis Hopper's house was the latest in a string of no tits, no ass, no lips chicks that he's been settling for. and did you notice the big tittttted chicks at the beginning of the episode. who did htey fuck to get on the show? for the record, are they trying to make Lloyd the annoying gay guy? everything out of his mouth is somethng about how much he likes guys or his relationships. we like him because he cares about the boys and ari and does his job and occassionally says something gay that we all get a laugh out of.
all of this leads me to one thing: when you make a show, shoot all of the seasons at one time so the stars don't realize how popular the show is getting and start hamming it up. shoot 40 episodes and call it a day. like Extras. two seasons is all they want to do.
hopefully entourage will get off this medellin shit quick cause i too am losing interest. flight of the conchords is the one that's going to suffer.

Colleen said...

Doesn't sound so moved back after living here? And you are surviving? And you are knowing about this band I don't know about, when I get all kindsa promo CDs here. Damn girl, you're doing OK I think.

Mr. Shain said...

this is all getting a little dramatic blythe.

Alex said...

admittedly, i have been without hbo for a month now, so i didn't see any of the dramatics from down south, which i get mixed reviews on. however, i thought this past sundays episode was pretty solid. could it just be because i haven't seen entourage in a while? perhaps, but i thought it was decent.

nathan, i kind of like E being a short tough guy. especially because it involved him beating billy's pretentious ass. as far as it being self aware, this happens to virtually every show at some point, and they generally pull themselves out of it after a season of overdramatic twists and turns (well, maybe not generally, but it has happened). i'm just waiting for the storyline where E and Vince sleep with the same girl in a two week period and she gets pregnant. hilarity will not ensue. also, while i see where you're coming from with lloyd, he's still the shit, and i will not hear it any other way (for the record, still on top of the list, but i digress). i will say, however, that drama closely resembles skeletor.

final thought: in what way are you assuming conchords is going to suffer? it seems good enough to stand on its own.

Annie said...

Every time I see Eric, or (gag) "E," I want to murder that annoying little shit.

NathanWind said...

conchords will suffer because they make stand-alone episodes (not plot driven from episode to episode). this makes it so the casual fan can miss one and not break a sweat over what happened. it's funny, but not gripping. since its after entourage, it gets good ratings. to stand alone next to drama john from cincinnatti will see it drown. why do you think new crappy shows always debut after cheers, seinfeld, major sporting events, etc. not to say flight is crappy, i'm just saying

Dan said...

uh, point of order: I gave you a link to the Dirty Projectors on Friday. And I'm the old guy. You need to get out of Oklahoma.