Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Shain (letter #3 in a series):

Why did you have to post this picture on your blog? Although we communicate all day via email, gmail chat, (other people's) blog comments sections, telephone and telepathy, I still find myself checking *The Life & Times hundreds (4) of times a day. Lately, I have been greeted by this mesmerizing image. 9.5 times out of 10, I find myself pulling a Super Troopers muttering "enhance, enhance, enhance" while enlarging the image on my screen much to the dismay and concern of my coworkers. What does this mean? I can't look away.

Love in Christ,



JebusHChrist said...

blythe - Shut it down!
/Gordon Ramsay

Seriously, this is not what I wanted to see when I got here. I mean, I don't know what I expect when I come over here, cus, you know... but I didn't expect this.
And the "foreskin" tag is something I would rather not see again, ever. So, I think this is my final transmission.

blythe said...

upon review, management here at the bee-spot threw up a little bit in their mouth when they realized how large the picture was, so it has been relegated to a link. sorry for the inconvenience.

however, the question remains, why do i keep looking at it? WHY?

blythe said...
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dmbmeg said...

He must work out.

Clinton said...

Damn, I look fucking awesome in that picture. I was having a "good abs" day.

step right up said...

Please give a warning about the content of the link the next time you decide to have a scantily clad man pop up on my computer at work!

And is that the Mr. Shain you are linked to? Grrrrowl baby!

stewpid said...

is it the g-string you're coveting? Because you can get a pair of them in the curtain tie-back section at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I can't believe you think he's cute. He has Kirk Cameron's face and Cameron Diaz's body.

blythe said...

dmbeg - he also must work in a tanning salon. ew. or sexy? no, ew.

clinton - ok, maybe i could not win the clinton look alike contest.

sru - i know, right? and, i know, right?

stewpid - i'm totally going to bb&b today, then.

and, for the record, i don't think he's cute/attractive/anything. i just can't look away. it's like a car wreck with paris, lindsay, nicole and kim kardashian's (for god measure)cocaine sniffing vaginas at the wheel. it's a sickness.

Mr. Shain said...

all i want to know is what his masculine area looks like after that shit starts to grow back. we're talking itching, ingrown hairs, stubble... 5 o'clock pube shadow, etc.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Shain is of course speaking from experience.

Mr. Shain said...

yeah i am... experience with your mom! ZING!

stewpid said...

"it's like a car wreck with paris, lindsay, nicole and kim kardashian's (for god measure)cocaine sniffing vaginas at the wheel."


friends don't let friends' vaginas drive.

blythe said...

mr. shain - i know.

cherry - obvs.

mr. shain - but i thought you were having some sort of inappropriate relationship with my mom.

stewpid - it's soo true. vaginas are the worst driver. worse tan old asian ladies.*

*again, i can say this because i love old asian ladies.

Big Daddy said...

Well you know the old saying:

'Asian drivers, no survivors'.


Although, last week this asian dude almost crashed in to me and was all over the street.

Big Daddy said...

Oh, and I thought I had all pictures of me in a black string bikini destroyed.

Sigh, that's what happens when you post stuff on Manhunt.