Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stuffity stuff.

Happy long weekend y'all! Or at least to me. Guess who doesn't have to work till Monday? I'll give you a hint. It's probably not you. No Goulet Wednesday News Round Up this week, folks, so stop emailing me about it (I wish). I've only been checking TMZ about 300 times a day instead of 3,000 lately. I haven't even read Gawker today. I'm just not feeling it. I've also been listening to a lot of Sia, which I'm pretty sure means that I'm depressed. While I wait for someone to score me some Klonopin....

In which I am killing my brain cells one by one.
Fuck you mini keg of Heineken. Normally, I wouldn't clean my toilet with you, but somehow, last night you got me drunk and took advantage of me. Just how I like it.

Mother, Mother.
Why are you watching Madea's Family Reunion (You were right, Clinton. I am a tard at spelling. I fixed it.) ? Furthermore, why are you watching it again? I just don't get Tyler Perry. God awful.

Saw it yesterday. It was pretty, pretty, pretty good. If you know my dad, you know he resembles a slightly skinnier Michael Moore. He's actually a perfect composite of Michael and Stephen Root. And I look just like him. Date me!

Dream on.
I dreamed that my mom in I got in a fight about what kind of potatoes to bake and which kind to mash. I think my life has reached (God willing) its apex of boringness if this is as imaginative my subconscious can muster. It can only get better from here. Right?

Summer Declaration.
"Heart It Races" is my song of the summer. I implore you to take a listen. Architecture in Helsinki is kind of an acquired taste [joke for Oklahomans only: that is how I describe Cherokee Ballard], and if they aren't doing it for you, like 10,000 groups have covered/remixed it.

AIH / Dr. Dog / Yacht / Trizzy's Rusty Tincan / Pink Skull

Also in music news uninteresting to everyone but me: M.I.A. is the new Lady Sovereign. And I like it.

Best. Meal. For. $5. Ever.

Greek House is a small, family run establishment in Norman that has been serving up the best value in the whole town for as long as I can remember. It's run by the sweetest Greek couple in existence (even if your Greek grandparents have been faithfully married for 78 years, volunteer for Meals on Wheels, save puppies from kill shelters, and send you Halloween cards, they are still nothing compared to these people) . I'll take you there when you come visit me. In the meantime, feast your eyes on my lunch. Bwahahaha to those of you who know, but are far away... If it makes you feel any better, even this delightful pile of grease couldn't rid me of my vicious hangover.

Blog stealer.
Sorry in advance, but this blew my mind too much (hang in there for the first minute). Also, I frickin' love Daft Punk. Say what you will. UPDATE: There's a Kanye West version? Huh? Also, Neptunes remix.

Speaking of blogs.
I am jealous. Somehow, I've gotten myself addicted to reading about the lives of a handful of New Yorkers (a sampling). Which makes me jealous to begin with since they are living my dream of being a poorish workingish 20-30ish in NY. Whatevs. Then I read that they all go out drinking with each other! Damn them! Now, if I actually did live in Brooklyn or where ever, chances are I wouldn't be invited by this group or there might be restraining orders or what have you (oh, and I think Gawker needs a Blogger Stalker), but that's really neither here nor there. The point is, where my Oklahoma bloggers is at? A mini-meeting was held last night, but it was very informal and I already know those kids. Don't let the NY kids show us up! Commenters welcome also.

And now.
I think it's time to head over to Lacey's to convince her to let me watch old episodes of SYTYCD on her TiVo. Now who's jealous? Oh. Still me.


Alex said...

damnmit! i do believe you told me you wouldnt steal that from my clutches! liar! and also, i covered Greek House and the rumors surrounding their future like two weeks ago, so yeah. twice in one post. count me impressed with your roguish (sp?) pickpocketing skills. bam and chili fries.

Mr. Shain said...

remember when i chipped a molar at greek house? i do. also are you sure that dream about your mom was a dream? because that completely sounds like something that would happen to you.

Dan said...

I'm off until Monday.

I like to mash red skinned (aka "new") potatoes with the skin on. a little milk, jack cheese, garlic, salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of green onions if I have them. Mash by hand so it's still a tad chunky, not whipped.

blythe said...

alex - well, i just wasn't sure when you'd get around to it and i needed to spread the daft hands love. my apologies.

shain - i was going to link to that post, but i can't find it. it was sooo delicious. i know, it's sad. i also had a dream that dphelps died the other night. ha!

dan - funny you should say that. i made smashed red potatoes tonight. but with olive oil, s&p, and parsley. yummo! but i like your cheese/green onion/garlic combo. i am hungry, it seems.

eric the beehivehairdresser said...

You missed out on some fun times with the blogger happy hour, along with $7 pitchers...mmm mmm yes dirt cheap for NYC.

Just so you know, I myself partly envy your life in Oklahoma... I mean it's not like you're really missing out on anything when it came to my getting sick all over TLME.... is there?

Clinton said...

God, I hope you meant MADEA'S Family Reunion, because a family reunion at Medea's place would involve a LOT of jealousy and dead children. Which, granted, sounds like a movie I'd watch.

Also, no kidding, being poor in NY gets old. Really old. However, I do really appreciate you putting me first in your NYC Bloggers Line-Up.

You're the tops, kid. The Coliseum.

Mr. Shain said...

thank god i'm not poor. i don't know what i'd do (or eat).

Jeannette said...

you blog about other bloggers. this is too post-911/post-modern for me.

Garrett Reid said...

Do not give into those New York bloggers and their desire to make everyone jealous of them. They think they are so perfect with their new yorkiness and jobs and blogs that get linked on gawker. You have to think of the details - like when they all go to bars and one meets a girl (or guy) and she says - who are all your friends? They have to say, "oh that is dmbmeg from you look really great, and that is jew from irish and jew, and that is the guy from midwesterner in nyc. I bet they don't feel so good about their coolness as she walks away in disgust. Damn those new yorkers. That being said - I think I'll visit soon - maybe they'll invite me to one of the parties.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Thanks for the picture of the gyro plate.

Kick me when I'm down.

blythe said...

etbhd - somewhat envying life in OK? i think you're just trying to be nice. we do have cheap drinks, though.

clinton - you are right. sometimes, especially when i've been drinking, i'm a terrible speller. that said, if you should ever write a screenplay based on that comment, i expect a percentage. oh, i know ny gets old. i only lasted 4 months.

mr. shain - have you met me? you still find ways to eat. mainly by making your friends take you to dinner. when are you coming back?

jeanette - i know, right? metabloggery.

garrett - you're in dallas, right? we can carpool.

is no one watching the hands video? it's pretty sweet... and probably old. ah well.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the comraderie of the Chicago bloggers. They even have their own blogger bar hangout. I live in Lame-O-Ville.

blythe said...

cherry - you snuck in there. come to norman! if it makes you feel better, greek house gives you burps from hell and you smell like the place for days.

step right up - it's ok. we're ok too. we are.

Dan said...

parsley - nice touch. I like parsley and green onions but I rarely use them in more than one dish in a week, so 66% of them go to waste.

Big Daddy said...

After 2 years, I finally met some Denver bloggers who talk about stuff other than their cats, kids, or food.


There's a blog I read in Oklahoma City. She's on hiatus now, but she's cool.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

I once needed a new hat. That night I had a dream where I went to one store and looked around. Then I went to another store, where I bought one.

I think that outborings your potato dream.

blythe said...

dan - if you grow parsley, you can use as much as you need. profound, right?

big daddy (not to be confused with chuckdaddy) - yeah, the oklahoma bloggers i have found are all married with kids and shit. which is great, but i don't think they'd go drinking with me. i'll keep looking. oh, i checked out that site. promising. thanks!

chuckdaddy - yeah, you might win this round.

dmbmeg said...

you are invited whenever you want to come, baby

blythe said...

yay! you might think i won't take you up on this, but you'd be wrong.

Annie said...

Marry me!

dmbmeg said...

seriously, come for an nyc visit!