Monday, June 30, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Stolen Edition.

Since I have an apparent aversion to blogging, and since my coworker, let's call him Bor has almost identical musical taste to mine, which is scary, for him, I present you with a stolen list of stuff that he's selected to which you should listen. Try it. You'll like it. Thanks Bor!

1. "Mardy Bum" by Arctic Monkeys
2. "My Struggle" by The Black Lips
3. "Futures & Folly" by Blitzen Trapper
4. "Magazines" by The Hold Steady
5. "Torture" by King Khan and The Shrines
6. "Rage in the Plague Age" by Les Savy Fav
7. "Drop It Doe Eyes" by Los Campesinos!
8. "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
9. "Song For Today" by Pete & The Pirates
10. "Bros" by Panda Bear
11. "Do the Panic" by Phantom Planet
12. "Old Friend" by Rancid
13. "Money in the Afterlife" by Saturday Looks Good to Me
14. "Mountains" by The Spinto Band
15. "Vans Song" by The Suicide Machines
16. "Trouble" by The Rakes
17. "This Is How We Kiss" by Throw Me the Statue
18. "My Time Outside of the Womb" by Titus Andronicus
19. "Right Hand On My Heart" by The Whigs
20. "Soldier's Grin" by Wolf Parade

Monday, June 23, 2008

The internet is the best!

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: WTF? Edition.

Summerteeth is my go to Wilco album. When I'm feeling weary, I like to listen to "She's a Jar" very loudly and ruminate. On what I'm not sure. Probably mostly about how my life would be so much better if I had TiVo or something. In any case, what the fuck is that song about? Anyone?

She's a jar
With a heavy lid
My pop quiz kid
A sleepy kisser
A pretty war
With feelings hid
She begs me not to miss her

She says forever
To light a fuse
We could use
A handful of wheel
And a day off
And a bruised road
However, you might feel
Tonight is real

When I forget how to talk, I sing
Won't you please
Bring that flash to shine
And turn my eyes red
Unless they close
When you click
And my face gets sick
Stuck, like a question unposed

Just climb aboard
The tracks of a train's arm
In my fragile family tree
And watch me floating inches above
The people underneath

Please beware the quiet front yard
I warned you
Before there were water skies
I warned you not to drive
Dry your eyes, you poor devil

Are there really ones like these?
The ones I dream
Float like leaves
And freeze to spread skeleton wings
I passed through before I knew you

I believe it's just because
Daddy's payday is not enough
Oh I believe it's all because
Daddy's payday is not enough

Just climb aboard
The tracks of a train's arm
In my fragile family tree

And watch me floating inches above
The people underneath

She's a jar
With a heavy lid
My pop quiz kid
A sleepy kisser
A pretty war
With feelings hid

You know she begs me
Not to hit her

Monday, June 16, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Foie Gras Edition.

Once upon a time, when I lived in a land far far away that had stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I ate far better, albeit far more expensive food. I rarely ate out. That is a lie. When I did eat out, there was a plethora of ethnic restaurants from which I could choose to stuff my face with relatively healthy morsels. Now, back in the heartland, I have stuffed my face with five kinds of fried. For a couple of months I was in the making-up-for-lost-time mode, easily justifying gorging on Oklahoma delicacies like fried pickles and free chips and queso (with extra salt!) several times a week. After that excuse wore off, I moved onto oh-man-I'm-so-tired-from-working-so-hard-and-also-I'm-still-somewhat-healthy-
from-my-previous-eating-habits-so-it's-ok-to-still-eat-like-this mode. Now I'm in lazy asshole mode.It's not good. I've effectively turned myself into foie gras. Seriously. My honeymoon with Oklahoma cuisine is over. It's time to get back on the bandwagon of healthy eating (I see a few trips to Central Market in my future, and yes, I could find food here, but not all in one location - by the time I've driven all over Norman and OKC looking for the good stuff I could've been to Dallas and back, plus it's part of my inevitable future to become a yuppy/hippie) and leave my keys at home. It's time to suck it up and become a bike person. The BF has made the leap and I will follow his lead. Maybe you'll see us out and about Norman, almost getting hit by cars because the heartland is not a place for cyclists. The point of my story is, I need work out music.

In the earbuds now:

Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Crazy in Love - Beyonce
Love Me or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign
Love Fool - Cardigans
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
Toxic - Britney Spears
Work It - Missy Elliot
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Around the World - Daft Punk
Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue
SOS - Rihanna
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

Help! What do the cool kids work it to?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hate this! Thursdays

I need to share the hate.

This Thursday features the worst radio "show" known to radiokind, Jack and Ron: The Best DAMN Morning Show on KYIS 98.9 here in the metro. I don't know much about radio broadcasting (nor do I really need to know since it's surely on the same path to demise as Polaroids and the Walkman - hand held cassette player, not dance), but I do know if my potential audience was 500,000+ I'd have a website that didn't look to be a homework assignment for a third grader. I can't really judge the lameness of their MySpace page because MySpace pages are inherently lame (and yes, I have one). I would rather watch a Two and a Half Men marathon than listen to their daily bullshit. I don't listen on purpose - just sometimes, when I'm slamming on my breaks because some asshole decides to go 40 in the passing lane on I-35, I lurch forward and accidentally hit the preset. Today I was thinking that maybe the nature of morning shows is ultimate douchiness, but remembered my old radio station back in Noho, The River. It was totally sweet and awesome. I can't really articulate their terribleness other than equating it to the same feeling one gets when watching Dennis Miller laugh at one of his 13 minute long jokes. Do not believe the hype, people. It is not the best DAMN morning show.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


There are several things that happen when you move. Some of these things include noticing that you no longer have a bathtub (sadcakes), acquiring a cat (sneezecakes), and losing your mail (wherearemybills?cakes). Actually, it's not so much losing it as my former roommate hording it and not telling me about it. Needless to say, both Lacey and I missed the invitation and subsequent date of our friend's wedding shower. We suck. To atone for our oversight, Lacey has taken it upon herself to organize another shower/bachelorette thingy. We will be taking pole dancing class. Stripper themed fitness classes are nothing new, I know, however, it's new to me. You would think the obvious question is, what will I wear? Or not wear? But, you would be wrong. The real question is, what does one bring as hors d' oeuvres to such a gathering? Apparently, the facility allows for and encourages outside food and especially drink to create more of a party environment as you work the pole. Personally, I don't see how you could need anything more than some Mad Dog, a can of Easy Cheeze and a box of ranch flavored Wheat Thins. However, I've perused several recipe and party planning websites hoping for inspiration, but none of them have "pole party" listed as an occasion. So, since Sandra Lee has failed me, anyone out there have any ideas?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Commute playlist #47

Over the weekend, I was told that perhaps some of you do read this blog and actually look forward to don't actively avoid ZHMMM. Since I can't seem to get my shit together enough to do much of anything else, I will strive to provide you with what I'm listening to most. It's not good or anything, just what I like. I don't think I'll try to provide links - that always seems to get me into trouble with one blog or another. I suggest Happy listening.

Flashing Lights - Kanye West: Summer without Kanye is like Gina without Martin.

Pumpkin Soup - Kate Nash: It's girly bullcrap. I know.

Que Onda Guero - Beck: It sounds like riding bikes in the city.

Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings
: Ubiquitous summer song.

The Israelites - Desmond Dekker: Old school fun.

Be Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata
: I will!

Got to Give it Up - Marvin Gaye: This song actually physically relaxes me.

Ramblin' Woman - Cat Power: She always sounds like she's recording in a bathtub.

Fighter Girl - Mason Jennings
: Usually, I find his whole thing cloying, but this one, I like.

You Don't Know What Love Is - Sonny Rollins
: Good for Sunday mornings.

Hello Brooklyn - Jay-Z (feat. Lil Wayne): I dunno. Because.

Littlest Birds - The Be Good Tanyas: Darling, just darling!

Nobody's Baby - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: I cannot say enough good things about 100 Days, 100 Nights.

Rattlesnake Charm - Sean Hayes: it might seem monotonous, but really it's quite something.

Shades of Black - The Raconteurs: I'm a sucker for Brendan Benson. I'm a sucker for a horn section. I'm a sucker for songs that are Billy Joelesque. Ergo, I am a sucker. For this song.

Valerie - Amy Winehouse: Sometimes I think that there are no original songs left. Good thing there are covers.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


This evening, I accompanied Shain, Lacey, her mom and my mother to Sex and the City (finally, I know - it has been out for over 48 hours!). After I blanched at the completely unoriginal plot, made fun of the cerulean bird that apparently flew into and became part of Carrie's veil, and determined that Samantha's wardrobe was merely suits that didn't make the cut for the third season of Designing Women, I began to reminisce about episodes from the past that didn't suck like the majority of the movie.

I thought back to the episode where Samantha got something stuck in her vadge and Carrie had to fish it out. And then to the one where Charlotte hands over her massive, but defunct engagement ring to Carrie so that she could make a down payment on her apartment. And then to the one where they all hang out together, eating, drinking, and engaging in general merriment bullshit. I started to think: why is it so hard to make good friends when you're old like me*?

In my experience, it's not too difficult to find a gentleman caller who will rummage around your lady business, drop some money, or call you all the time, but it's exceptionally hard to find and keep a good friend. It seems that once you're out of school, you're only option is work (unless you go to church, which I don't, or participate in a club sport, which I won't). If your work environment isn't the perfect storm of people your own age who don't completely suck, you're up shit creek. I just want some kids to hang out with, that are interested in the same things as me, or, who will tolerate me without making fun of me to my face. Where's the for friends?

I am unimpressed with your Utne subscription

2*-year-old woman
Norman, Oklacoma, United States
seeking friends 25 - 35
within driving distance that's not too annoying

Relationships - Mostly old high school friends since I moved back to the Sooner state
Smoke - Only when tipsy
Drink - Social drinker, maybe one or eight (plus six)

About me and who I'm looking for:

I am bad with birthdays and rarely remember to return what I've borrowed. I'm not looking for much, mainly someone who won't screen all of my calls.

for fun:
Arguing, putting down your music choices, talking about stories on NPR last week, eating, drinking, eating and drinking outside, eating and drinking while watching TV, cooking while drinking then eating, concerts, talking about concerts, beer pong, shopping, swearing never to eat or drink again, pedicures/spa treatments, bitching, board games.

favorite hot spots:
Bars. Bars where you can sit outside. Couches. Fancy unaffordable restaurants. Hole in the wall restaurants. Places where you can listen to music. Blogosphere. Spas where they give you wine while they scrape last summer off your feet.

favorite things:
See above plus going to garage sales. And brunch. I like brunch. And you need friends for that.

last read:

About me:


About my friend:

Education: not dumbass
Job: produces entertaining stories and/or discounts/hookups for shit, other potential friends
Income: enough to hang out, not enough to make me want to hang myself
Drink: by the case
Relationships: some good friends
poor judgement at times
mozzarella cheesesticks

Send me a wink. In the meantime, I am still trying to figure out this. It's a lot of look, Carrie.

*Shain and Lacey don't count. They're on to bigger and better things than the OKC metro area can offer.