Monday, June 16, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Foie Gras Edition.

Once upon a time, when I lived in a land far far away that had stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I ate far better, albeit far more expensive food. I rarely ate out. That is a lie. When I did eat out, there was a plethora of ethnic restaurants from which I could choose to stuff my face with relatively healthy morsels. Now, back in the heartland, I have stuffed my face with five kinds of fried. For a couple of months I was in the making-up-for-lost-time mode, easily justifying gorging on Oklahoma delicacies like fried pickles and free chips and queso (with extra salt!) several times a week. After that excuse wore off, I moved onto oh-man-I'm-so-tired-from-working-so-hard-and-also-I'm-still-somewhat-healthy-
from-my-previous-eating-habits-so-it's-ok-to-still-eat-like-this mode. Now I'm in lazy asshole mode.It's not good. I've effectively turned myself into foie gras. Seriously. My honeymoon with Oklahoma cuisine is over. It's time to get back on the bandwagon of healthy eating (I see a few trips to Central Market in my future, and yes, I could find food here, but not all in one location - by the time I've driven all over Norman and OKC looking for the good stuff I could've been to Dallas and back, plus it's part of my inevitable future to become a yuppy/hippie) and leave my keys at home. It's time to suck it up and become a bike person. The BF has made the leap and I will follow his lead. Maybe you'll see us out and about Norman, almost getting hit by cars because the heartland is not a place for cyclists. The point of my story is, I need work out music.

In the earbuds now:

Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Crazy in Love - Beyonce
Love Me or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign
Love Fool - Cardigans
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
Toxic - Britney Spears
Work It - Missy Elliot
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Around the World - Daft Punk
Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue
SOS - Rihanna
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

Help! What do the cool kids work it to?


Matt A said...

I'm a bike person. I did a 100-mile race last weekend. Let me know if you want any tips.

Okiedoke said...

I'm not sure you could make it as a hippie, but a yuppie might work it to the Bee Gees.

Anonymous said...

throwing shapes by minus the bear
turtle island by beach house
wanderlust by bjork

Mr. Shain said...

i call bullshit. bike my ass...

Andrea said...

every time i hear 'crazy in love' i have
to do the beyonce dance... you know the
one where she's shakin' that ass and doing
the shakey fists at the same time? so fun.

i look nothing like her when i do it.

melba said...

I am not a cool kid as I am quite old. However, I am fixin' to dust off my iPod and get off my fat ass and attempt to work out again. I just went through my iTunes and here are a few of my favorites on my "YMCA" playlist that will get me moving a little faster.

Can I Get A . . .- Jay-Z
Got to Be Real -Cheryl Lynn
It's Tricky - Run-D.M.C.
Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
The Way You Move-Big Boi (Outkast)
P.Y.T. - Michael Jackson
Lay Low - Snoop Dogg
Tipsy - J. Kwon
Smack That - Akon
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
Dancin' with Myself - Billy Idol
Train in Vain&Radio Clash- Clash
Rappers Delight-Sugarhill Gang (skating rink memories)
My Prerogative - Bobby Brown
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Stay Fly - Three 6 Mafia
Gonna Have a Funky Good Time - James Brown
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
Got Your Money - Ol' Dirty Bastard
Show Me What You Got - Jay-Z
I Feel for You - Chaka Khan (play this on a jukebox and hear everyone groan but then they start dancing in their chair/barstool)

I also think there is a website that has songs listed by beats per minute and which would be good for running, cool down, etc.

Start a workout CD exchange so you can get some new stuff.

Christopher said...

JT is tough to beat, and somehow always seems to turn up whenever I'm in exercise mode (though it's usually his earlier neptunes-drenched stuff). Jay-Z is a staple.

The gf always listens to MGMT while exercising. it's not my thing, but it sure works for her.

Colleen said...

I hear that. I am going to have to try to bike my ass off when I get back to BR in a few days.