Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh for fuck's sake

I love me some Smith College. I really do. But sometimes, I want to take its whatever it is, radical liberalism, something, I don't really know, and shove it up its cunt. Except I can't say that because that's gender specific. Except Smith's a college for women. So I want to shove it up its reconstructed peen hole.
Love you Smith!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bath Tub Time Machine

Did you know that my house has two full baths? Well, it does. One has a shower, the other a tub. Since ghosts of roommates past always used the bath with the tub, I've always been skeeved out by it. But, yesterday, after deciding I'd sufficiently cleaned it (again), I went for it. And it was awesome. I listened to This American Life. I opened the window so it was kinda like a hot tub outside thing happening. I used an entire thing of bubble bath and kept refilling the tub with more hot water (we have two hot water tanks for some reason). Seeing as how my vacation budget has been eaten up by the dog, this is probably as good as it's going to get this year.
Awesome picture, no?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I should've been a vet

Dang! We had to take Zeb to the vet last night. I had to take out a small loan this morning. I joke, sort of. Little dude got his guts in a twist and was puking et al yesterday. So, we take him in and he's examined (for $41) and then probed (for $26) and then tested (for $100) and then diagnosed and finally treated (for $1,000,000.00). He had a high itestinal (lunch anyone?) bacteria count and was given injections of antibiotics and other stuff to get him back on track. I also paid for doggie Imodium, more antibiotics and had to cook him rice and chicken for dinner (more than I do for most people). Long story short, I'm out a lot of money for a dog that completely rebounded by midnight last night.

If Zeb were a kid, I'd totally have just pumped him full of Pedialyte and some saltines and plopped him in front of Sponge Bob while I mixed up some G&Ts for myself with the money I saved from not taking him to the doctor. Does this make me a bad person? How come I care more about my dog than a kid (Not that I have one. That I know of. There were some crazy times.)?

The bottom line is I should've been a vet.

P.S. Happy tax day! (Dear OK, you will get mine tomorrow. Love in Christ, B)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In which I kind of want to bomb this blog and start over.

Or maybe it's that I use up all of my (very small) wit on FaceDevilbook. In any case, this thing needs an extreme blog makeover for all one zero of you still reading.

In the meantime, do you ever get a song so lodged in your head you justify listening to it 10 times in a row on your way to work? I thank you, Arcade Fire. I was completely sullen and wanting to learn to play the organ (not that one, get your mind out of the gutter) when I arrived at work this morning.

I have no idea where this video came from. I'm tool lame to figure out how to acutally post my music.

Arcade Fire - My body is a cage
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