Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hate this! Thursdays

I need to share the hate.

This Thursday features the worst radio "show" known to radiokind, Jack and Ron: The Best DAMN Morning Show on KYIS 98.9 here in the metro. I don't know much about radio broadcasting (nor do I really need to know since it's surely on the same path to demise as Polaroids and the Walkman - hand held cassette player, not dance), but I do know if my potential audience was 500,000+ I'd have a website that didn't look to be a homework assignment for a third grader. I can't really judge the lameness of their MySpace page because MySpace pages are inherently lame (and yes, I have one). I would rather watch a Two and a Half Men marathon than listen to their daily bullshit. I don't listen on purpose - just sometimes, when I'm slamming on my breaks because some asshole decides to go 40 in the passing lane on I-35, I lurch forward and accidentally hit the preset. Today I was thinking that maybe the nature of morning shows is ultimate douchiness, but remembered my old radio station back in Noho, The River. It was totally sweet and awesome. I can't really articulate their terribleness other than equating it to the same feeling one gets when watching Dennis Miller laugh at one of his 13 minute long jokes. Do not believe the hype, people. It is not the best DAMN morning show.


CGHill said...

If I ever get streaming Internet in the car, I'd be tempted to set the thing permanently on the stream from KGSR Austin and ignore the local yokels entirely.

Michael5000 said...

This kind of thing is why I pretty much gave up on radio.

John Stanford said...

I am afraid you missed the best feature of the Jack And Ron Web site. You can get your own "yourname" email address for only $25 a year. This makes up for all of the unbelievably bad stuff.We must all sign up immediately or risk loosing respectability in the community.