Monday, July 23, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Accidental Suicide

Do not, I repeat, do not play the following in any combination or it might prove deadly:

We Rule The School - Belle and Sebastian
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
Both Hands - Ani DiFrancoA Case Of You - Joni Mitchell
And No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Just Like Heaven - Katie Melua
Together - William Shatner
I'm In Love With A Girl - Bigstar
Don't Leave - Faithless
Mad World - Gary JulesJust One Thing - My Morning Jacket
Tender - BlurDamn, Sam - Ryan Adams
We've Only Just Begun - Grant Lee Buffalo
I'll Be Yr Bird - M. Ward
Samson - Regina Spektor
Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab For Cutie
The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice
Our Way To Fall - Yo La Tengo
Plans - Ben Folds
The Stranger Song - Leonard Cohen
I Thought We Had - The Family Stand
One More Robot - The Flaming Lips

Also, last night, L-Ma and I made our way to the Hosty Family Picnic at Lyons Park. Seriously, guys, if you're a Normanite (or even a MetroOKCite) and you haven't been to a Hosty show, you're an idiot (how many times do I have to go over this - he's got a song about KFOR's LINDA CAVANAUGH! He did a bit about Chewbacca participating in a spelling bee - genius.) - and my b-day's on a Sunday, so you can guess where I'll be - he sings special birthday songs. We had a great time hanging out on our blanket. I had to pee. There were only porta thingies. It was traumatic. While waiting in line, I saw my ninth grade boyfriend (of three weeks - he wrote me a poem and gave it to me on V-day - I think that's when I broke up with him because I'm an asshole), point is, after a million years or however long it's been, still can't say anything to him. Then, I stepped it up a notch and followed the Hosty crowd to the Deli for the continuation of the fun, but with 6 point beer. I made friends with Wanda, the bar tender at a dive on Main Street. I think the key to life is making friends with bartenders. I helped her drink her drink. I hope I don't get the hep.


Dear Stewpid: I went to take pictures of orange bejeweled skanks at Forever 21, but instead bought this shirt. DAMN IT!

Supercrappy5000 picture of the back of people watching Hosty.

Hey, I just noticed something. This post kinda blows.


blythe said...

crickets. this really was a shitty post, huh.

stewpid said...

well, speaking just for me, I accidentally did work this morning instead of blog surfing. Sowwy.

I went to Charlotte Russe, which is like the knock-off Forever 21 and I bought two rings (neither white plastic) and a pair of giant reflective sunglasses so I could look like my idol, Mrs. David Beckham. I forgot to take camera phone pics because I was so busy wanting to buy things. I was almost going to buy big plastic beads and wear them to therapy, because my (fun) shrink did dare me to come in costume. But I did not. I will not wear a costume to therapy until my therapist agrees to serve magaritas.


Annie said...

love the shirt! hate the post.

(the above was a spinoff of the line "Love the dress! HATE the Blackberry" from the short-lived series "so noTORIous")

Clinton said...

I always enjoy your music-based posts, as it either A) gives me something to whole-heartedly agree with, or B) gives me stuff to go look up and listen to, and THEN whole-heartedly agree with.

Also, I'm wearing that same top right now.

blythe said...

stewpid - therapy in costume is perhaps the best idea ever. therapy is fun! or, i'll find out when the health insurance kicks in. or it's court ordered. whatevs. also, i'm letting it slide that you went to charlotte rouse. don't let it happen again. skanks r us only. also, honestly, it's cheaper and better quality than CR. it's european. tres chic!

annie - is it wrong that i liked notorious? she wasn't as bad as i thought. kind of like nick lachey. does that make sense?

clinton - i predict you won't like these. they're kind of ladyish. kind of sad bastardy. it's the kind of mood i've been in. lady bastard.

blythe said...
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Annie said...

no way -- so noTORIous was hysterical! seriously, the first few eps were very well-written. and i like tori.

JebusHChrist said...

There are no shitty posts, just shitty commenters.
Nice shirt by the way. Were batteries included?

JebusHChrist said...

Dammit! I forgot the ZING!
(much better now)

LaceyBug said...

Actually you mention peeing, well I should have gone when you did...because I didn't make it. Enough said.

exile_grrl said...

Where is the Aimee Mann? That is all your playlist is missing.

blythe said...

annie - yes! good. i'm not the only one.

jebus - yeah, that didn't make sense without the zing! i'm so glad everyone likes the slut shirt. i'm going oprah on everyone. look under your chairs! one for you! one for you! and one for you!

lacey - ah shit. i mean pee?

exile_grrl - touche. you are correct sir.

LaceyBug said...

better than poo.

Mr. Shain said...

i'm worried about my future.

stewpid said...

excuse me, oprah? there was no slut shirt under my chair. there were just some jack in the box taco wrappers and some dog hair.

("taco wrappers"??? we SO need to make that slang for something. I know not what.)

I'm sorry, I refuse to do therapy in costume until they remove the straitjacket. THEN we can have fun. Although my therapist IS awesome and I really would like to show up as an orange bejewelled skank. hmm. Mall not closed yet...