Monday, July 02, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: The Usual Suspects Edition.

I am slacking off in the music department. Totally asleep at the wheel. This is all I got this week:

Diamond Ring - Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts
Somewhat new to me.

Heart it Races - Architecture in Helsinki
I always forget about the awesomeness of this group. This is a pretty fantastic song that is only made better by Dr. Dog's cover.

Heart it Races - Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog is quintessential summer music.

The Ruby Ring Man - Page France
Coming to Hailey's in Denton with Bishop Allen. Wanna come with me?

Wild Mountain Nation - Blitzen Trapper
It's like they're caught in the wrong decade.

Trouble - Voxtrot
Standard indie pop, but good.

Crown Victoria - Robbers on High Street
I forget about these guys too. Reliable.

Missing a Piece - Illinois
I like this band more and more with every listen.

Everybody Knows - Ryan Adams
Oh Ryan.

Oh Yeah - The Cliks
I think this lady means business.

The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf
Good fun.

Crooked Lines - M. Ward*

Rotten Hell - Menomena
Overrated, but enjoyable.

Not that anyone will answer me, but what's everyone (all four of you) else listening to?

*Thanks d.


Hippo said...

Four things I'm listening to(no judging me):

James Taylor- Your Smilin Face

Jimmy Buffet- Love in a Library

Pearl Jam- Betterman (live version)

Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia

Clinton said...

My favorite new(ish) band is The National. They're like if Leonard Cohen were in his early-20's and started a band in Williamsburg. But in a good way. Their latest album, The Boxer, is a very special kind of mellow awesome that's perfect for drinking alone OR with friends.

Clinton said...

Sorry, the album is just "Boxer." No "The." For accuracy's sake.

Beau said...

I'm still on my bluegrass kick, so here you go, some bands who were almost better than the blueberry moonshine.

Crooked Still
(Aoife [pronounced 'E-fee'] O'Donovan's voice makes me feel funny where the bathing suit covers)

Avett Brothers
(I like their live stuff better, but they don't really play their mellow stuff live)

Chris Thile - How to Grow a Woman from the Ground
(Badasses on each instrument and they cover The White Stripes)

The Infamous Stringdusters - Fork in the Road
(There's some great drivin' music on this one)

blythe said...

no judging here. no worries. and thanks for all of the suggestions!

christal said...

Maybe it's time to admit I've been reading your blog. For a while now. And it makes me happy.

By the way, the fam saw you a bit back and said you're doing well and have a big kid job (which I SO totally already knew, thanks to blog).


When U Love Somebody: Fruitbats
Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby: Islands
End Of Ttime: De Novo Dahl
Tonight Before You Were Sleeping: Modern Skirts

blythe said...

i knew it! i meant to facebook you, then promptly forgot. because i am good like that. we shall talk. i know the ways of TN. sort of.

thanks for the music! i am so excited to go home tonight and dowload my little heart out.

Mr. Shain said...

shouldnt you be at work now? working? i'm still waiting for that picture of your name plate or pay stubb fyi.

blythe said...

so, hopefully you just got some proof and will stop trashing talking me on the blogs. but probably not. have you broken your iphone yet?

Jess said...

I'm listening to the same stuff I've been listening to for a while. I'm in a rut, but I'm happy about it.

Interpol, Brendan Benson, The Raconteurs, Neko Case, Rogue Wave, Broken Social Scene, Elbow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, South, blah, blah, blah.

Beau said...

mmm, Rogue Wave rocks my boat

d said...

i HEART rogue wave.

can't stop listening to 'boxer' an pela's anytown graffiti.

i too am listening to avett brothers' latest 'emotionalism.' not as good as their first, but it's got a really killer song called 'shame' on it.

also, the rosebuds - 'night of the furies'

eliott smith - 'new moon'

and my guilty pleasure of the moment is gina villalobos' 'miles away'. it's straight-up country yo. which i usually denigrate because i'm way too good for that shit.

James said...

probably not indie enough to get much love around here:

Weezer- Island in the Sun
The Streets- Lets Push Things Forward
Little Feat- All That You Dream
Pharrell w/ JayZ- Frontin’
Radiohead-Black Star
The Dead- Uncle John’s Band
Notorious BIG – Hypnotize
The Killers- Mr. Brightside
Spoon- I Turn My Camera On

Mr. Shain said...

wow, that was a great summer playlist... in 2004.

blythe said...

alright. i just had the best time ever downloading all of that stuff. legally, of course. thanks again. my ipod thanks you as well as the people whom i force to listen to my music. good choices. and i have to admit, i'd never heard of rogue wave and had been actively ignoring the hooplah over the national, but i'm glad i succumbed.

and, thanks shain, i think you've scared cherry off. i miss him already.

Mr. Shain said...

we all miss our cherry, but that's just part of growing up (or in noble, turning 12).