Monday, July 09, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday

It turns out I am a fan of both The National and Rogue Wave. Surprising, I know.

Here's some of what I've been listening to.

Fake Empire - The National
I now can understand some of the hype.
Intelligentactile 101 - Jesca Hoop
She was Tom Waits' nanny!
Apeman - The Format
Who doesn't love the Kinks? Waterloo Sunset...
Lighten Up - MorcheebaI just love saying Morcheeba.
Candylion - Gruff Rhys
Goodnight Goodnight - Hot Hot Heat
This song was on the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack, and therefore, I should dislike it, yet I find myself liking both the song and the movie.
Minding My Own Business - Coconut Records
Dear Jason Schwartzman, turns out you put out a pretty good record. Also, your brother is the singer for Rooney? Whoa. Listen to this one too: Nighttiming. Plus, you are dreamy.
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Red River - The Walkmen
So, the Spiderman 3 soundtrack has had some pretty surprisingly sweet stuff on it.
Somewhere Down The Road - Feist
I am obligated to listen to all things Feist.
Sight Lines - Rogue Wave
See? More good stuff from Spiderman. Whoda thought?
Technologic - Daft Punk

Race For The Prize - The Flaming Lips
They're playing in Tulsa in August, I think. Must work on that.
Magnolia - Apollo Sunshine
I dunno. Just something different.
Lil' King Kong - Simple Kid
Hmm. I foresee this song being played a lot.


Jeannette said...

Im so glad wearing rubber bands around your wrist is cool again. Score +1 in Jeannette's sexy cashiering column.

Clinton said...

I wish I were Tom Waits's nanny. Or Tom Waits's anything, actually.

Mr. Shain said...

i can only handle so much daft punk in one mix. so there better not be any "best of" cd's when i get back.

The [Cherry] Ride said...


Jess said...

I'm deeply in love with Rogue Wave.

blythe said...

jeanette - just don't let them cut off your circulation.

clinton - maybe someday you will be. maybe someday.

mr. shain - it's not like you listened to the first seven cds i made you...

cherry - i know, right?

blythe said...

oh, and jess (sneaky) - yeah, it's good shit. where have they been? where have i been?

Mr. Shain said...

i listened to some of them... i just really don't have the same excess free time the way you do.

TaraTot said...

hey there,
fellow oklahoma blogger here - found you that way. great music list - i'm going to add you to my list of fav blogs, like your style!

seems we have the same hobbies: food blogs, gossip, music, oklahoma... pretty cool! i've tried to find other cool local blogs but haven't had luck.

nice to find you!

Mr. Shain said...

omg blythe, now you're making up other blog-dentities just to compliment yourself. it's sickness blythe. ask for help, like i did today in the award winning blog *The Life & Times, by Mr. Shain, starring Mr. Shain as himself and featuring Bee-Spot as the enjoyable hopelessly-single-living-at-home-midtwenties-dropout Blythe.

blythe said...

that might be true, but i am not a drop out. am i? what did i drop out of?

blythe said...

oh, and thanks taratot!

stephen said...

Don't forget to get Jason Isbell's solo album today...Sirens of the Ditch.

It's an amazing album.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Blythe - burn me a playlist, please. And I totally love saying "Morcheeba" too - esp. in a crazy Spanish accent. Try it.

And what "awards" has Mr. Shain won for his blog?

Mr. Shain said...

check out Midwesterner in NYC for latest award [cherry]... then suck my balls.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

No and no.

blythe said...

shain & cherry - don't make me turn this car around. because i will.