Friday, June 08, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in Love

with Bear Grylls. Yes, it's true. I know I've been on the Les Stroud side of this battle, but I happened to catch a bit of the Bear on Oprah last night (yes, I was watching an Oprah rerun on KOCO Channel 5, which is actually channel 8 at 11pm last night) and had a little epiphany, or maybe indigestion, but I felt something. I think seeing him choke up a bit while talking about his fallen Everest co-climbers melted a little piece of my glacier heart that, so far, Les has been unable to survive by starting a fire with his underwear, a coconut and his own boogers (oh, plus his name is Bear! Bear beats Les). I do have a few qualms with Man vs. Wild, like his camera man should be recognized for his kickassedness since he braves the same treacherous conditions as Bear (likewise, the Survivorman should be praised since he lugs his shit around all by his lonesome) and there's the fact that this dude's bat shit crazy for pulling the stunts he does - but I guess that just makes me love him more. Everyone knows I love the crazies. Maybe Bear and Les should get together and do a little something (Les can run the camera). I'd like to see them survive a Friday night in the Homeland parking lot in Norman, OK where all of the rednecks circle their trucks for a night of what I imagine is Skoal, Kenny Chesney, and statutory rape punctuated with cries of "git 'er done."


Bear vs.


What this is telling you is that I am a huge dork. Yes, I stay home and sit around the house watching Survivorman and Man vs. Wild, but it doesn't end there. I love Jamie and Adam on Mythbusters with all of my useless heart (especially Jamie - did you know he has a degree in Russian Language and Literature?). I have almost every episode of Modern Marvels memorized (but I still don't know how anything works). It's a sickness. Date me!


John said...

Working for Mythbusters has to be one of the best jobs of all time. Plus Kari Byron is every nerdy guy's dream girl.

blythe said...

oh yeah, i'm not a nerdy guy, but i'd totally hit that. maybe because tory and grant are kinda lame.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Bear definitely beats Les in the photo stand-off, although I have no idea who either of them are or what you're talking about. Between that, "Myth Busters" and "Homeland" parking lots, it's like I'm reading a foreign language blog.

blythe said...

all you have to do is have no social life and stay in on a friday night with TiVo and the discovery channel and you'll learn all about bear,les, jamie and adam. it's worth it. trust me.

also, awesome is a foreign language to you?

Julie_Gong said...


As for Mythbusters... I always forget Tori is a guy for some reason. I mean Tori is a girls name. And Jamie... I'd like to wear that beret. Did I actually just say that. Lame!

blythe said...

i am a bear lover, but i love les a little too.

we're not lame, we just have cable.

(Tim Layne) the Homeless Blogger said...

I may be wrong. However I think when you are talking about people from Canada. You call them Canadiens not Canadians. I'm probably wrong. And a douchey dork.

blythe said...

you are probably right. i'm from amerca, so i don't have to know how to spell shit from other countries. says so in the constitution.

ok, i will change it. i hate that i spell things wrong sometimes.