Monday, June 25, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Expanded Edition

Hi there folks. I love a good time as much as the next girl, but seriously. I am not in high school anymore. But I can hang out with my high school friends! Mike was in town last night. Usually he lives in Chicago, so it was a treat. I proceeded to imbibe one too many red cups and well, I danced, which is NEVER a good idea. Never. I can't find my earrings or my dignity.

This is Mike. We go way back. He is drinking the "red cup" which is $3.25 worth of awesome. Except when I drink it. I'm pretty sure he's rethinking my wedding invitation right about now.

I don't know who this guy is, but he was at our table. I'm sure we were introduced, but I'm not so good with names. Anyway, The Deli was packed as usual. Good times. Except not.

In music news, I decided to ramp it up a bit and say stuff besides list songs I like. Prepare to be bored because I am slowly and painfully weaning myself from my unbridled iTunes addiction:

Love, Love, Love - The Mountain Goats: I came across this song because of Brotherhood 2.0. You might have heard of this, but I had not. These guys decided they would only communicate via video blog for a year. Freaking amazing. Check out June 18: Leaving New York.

Icky Thump - The White Stripes: Oh White Stripes. You've done it again. I wish I wasn't one of the lemurs falling off the edge of a cliff over this one, but hey, what're you gonna do? They are, after all, the Clooneys of rock.

Power Of Two - Indigo Girls: This one goes out to the real Zack Harrison. How he knew I would need to know this song as a future student at Smith is bizarre. This song is as sappy as it gets, and it gets me every time.

I See A Different You - Koop: Thanks to World of B, from whom I learned of More ways to waste my life away listening to music no one else I know likes. Yay!

I Wanna Buy You A Ring - Huffamoose: I am too trusting. I read a shit ton of blogs (by read I mean look at pictures and drool over witty comments) and am willing to listen to anything, but Jason Mulgrew, I want my $.99 back. I hate HATE this song, yet it remains in my current rotation. You are a snake in the grass.

The Underdog - Spoon:
I do not fall in love easily. Or ever. Yet somehow, every Spoon song I hear is like a little Valentine. Perhaps it's simply the fact that the name of the band evokes the promise of food, which I do love - no question.

Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest: The other day, I was talking to G-race and she somehow convinced me to do something completely out of character, which is pretty much par for the course in our relationship. So I went to t-mobile and downloaded this song. I have no idea why, but now I'm actually glad my phone never rings - not because of the song, but because I'm one of those people now.

My Rights Versus Yours - The New Pornographers: Dear Neko Case, I'm still pissed at you for canceling your show, but I do like this song. You still owe me, though.

Killer Parties - The Hold Steady: Still a little high from the show, still a little in love with Craig Finn.

Direct Hit - Art Brut: Not gonna lie, had no idea who these guys were until a week or so ago, but I'm down with it.

Mockingbird - Grant Lee Buffalo: Good night driving song. Good aimless day driving song.

I Never - Rilo Kiley*: I am apparently in high school again. Rumors are swirling. I am dating people I'm not, sleeping with people I won't, am afraid to show my face at a local bookstore, etc. Good times. What does any of this have to do with this song? Well, I was hanging out with some kids this weekend at the most depressing bar I've ever been to, but the jukebox was freaking amazing! I played Ryan Adams! I made people listen to Portions for Foxes. It was great! It's like I was living in my iPod.

*This is hilarious! I couldn't find the song, but did come across this little montage of Kate and Sawyer set to music. Astounding.


d said...

so. i say down with iTunes. boo. especially iTunes plus. that whole thing just sucks a whole load of ass. anyway. have you heard of eMusic? drm free songs, indie labels, tons of good stuff. i get 90 songs a month for $20!

and there's which sells songs for $0.88. which is better than $.99 by a long shot. well, eleven cents.

plus, both lala and eMusic keep track of your downloads and if you ever lose your file you can download again for free. nothing to say about that but AWESOME.

i hope you find your earrings.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

What's in a red cup? Sounds delicious.

blythe said...

d - thanks for all of that info, even though i suspect you might work for lala and eMusic or at least write spam professionally. really? $20 for 90 songs? that's not bad at all... except for my friends whom i will forece to listen to all of my newfound music. oh, and thanks but i think my earring is lost forever.

cherry - from the way i was acting last night, it might have been full of everclear. normally it's bud light.

Carmen said...

Is that Mr. Ryan I see in the picture?? I haven't seen him in, like, forever!

Mr. Shain said...

carmen, you bitch. i catch you reading other blogs? you don't even like blythe. i'm so betrayed.

blythe said...

carmen - it's him. he's pretty much the same old mike.

mr. shain - you bitch, it takes you all day to comment on my blog? thanks. i know you do nothing except figure out ways to be more like [redacted]. stop pretending

NathanWind said...

incidentally, q-tip is the second best rapper in tribe. if the rest of you don't understand the words in the previous sentence, then you are stupid faggots.

NathanWind said...

note: if you are indeed a homosexual, i apologize for my insensitivity and retract my statement. if not, i stand by it. you know what you did...

Alex said...

let's be honest here, i think you're slightly exagerating (sp) on the rumor-mongering. but i digress.

mr. wind: you are right once again. sandiches.

G said...

Heh heh. I convince you to do all sorts of bad things: drink, lose earrings (you remember the one you lost in NYC, yes?), lend me your camera so that I may take drunken pictures of myself alone in a cab, smoke cigarettes, and [of course] dance like you like it.

Heh. YOU LOVE IT--and that's a fact.

Carmen said...

mr. shain: that's right, my dear. i've moved on. i gotta get my fix somehow and you just don't post as often as the B. i'm sorry you had to find out this way.

blythe said...

i'm not sure he'll recover from this. he's so vain.

blythe said...

wait, nathan/matt/ass - who'd better than q-tip?