Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am aged.

Jeebus. I am getting old. As of August this year, I should be completing my quarter life crisis, if things remain on schedule, when I turn 26. We'll see. At this point, I'm not hopeful. In the meantime, sometimes I forget that I'm not 18 anymore. Mostly when people yell at me and tell me I'm not 18 anymore when I am doing something absolutely retarded or trying to hit on college freshmen. But also when my brother drops a bomb of a question on me like the following. We're checking out Robot Chicken clips online because that's how we bond when he says, "Hey Blythe, what's a Trapper Keeper?" It's like I was smacked with a thousand leopard print and/or zebra striped slap bracelets. I suppose he doesn't know what pogs are either. Sweet Oden's Raven, I felt old. I don't know what the kiddies do these days to stay organized at school (my recent experience in public schools would suggest that they, in fact, do nothing to stay organized), but the TK was essential to keeping track of my assignments and most importantly, notes from my friend(s) and ones I wrote to myself from imaginary boyfriends. Unfortunately, I didn't keep any of my many Trapper Keepers and their accessories (all of which were mostly likely covered in stickers ranging from unicorns to STP) so I had no evidence to offer. I did, however, remember a South Park episode featuring this behemoth of organization.

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The TK picture above totally sucks, but I couldn't find a better image. I remember mine being pretty sweet. But we all know my memory's not the best.




Alex said...

holy fucking christ. kids these days. ill bet he never had the joy of playing pencils either (pentechs! the cadillac of #2 pencils!), the bastard. how sad.

NathanWind said...

ALF pogs!!!!! remember ALF? remember when you had to write in cursive? do they even do that anymore?? and yes you are hideous.... i mean old. i only turn 25 this year. i still get ID'd. suck it.

NathanWind said...

ALF pogs!!!!! remember ALF? remember when you had to write in cursive? do they even do that anymore?? and yes you are hideous.... i mean old. i only turn 25 this year. i still get ID'd. suck it.

Dan said...

These TKs you speak of are intriguing. They sound austerely functional.

Mr. Shain said...

my friend who taught SAT classes stopped doing it after she made a joke to the class about the "i've fallen and i can't get up" lady, and the entire room full of high school seniors just stared at her; none of them had ever seen the commercial.

did brother bee-spot ever have a hypercolor t-shirt?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'm not asking this in an attempt to be funny, but: what the hell is a pog?

Clinton said...

I, too, am staring down an August birthday (my 27th, so you win), and I'm already starting the slow spiral into depression and angst that comes with it.

Tragic, this getting old.

Oh, and my Trapper Keeper had a "cool kid" surfing on it. He was, I believe, quite cool. And so was I by proxy.

Julie_Gong said...

My TK had Garfield hanging onto a screen door. I loved that thing and might still have it some where actually.

I had so many pogs it was disgusting. I even had a pog board to play on and pog holders. So pretty much I'm a geek.

blythe said...

alex - i don't think i had the joy of playing pencils. i was too busy excelling at math and such. ha! no.

nathanwind - ALF! YES! i know i'm hideous. thanks for the reminder.

dan - yes, you should check into trapper keepers. i don't know why, but i feel like you'd like them.

mr. shain - brother bee-spot is too young for the wonders of the hypercolor t-shirt. now, that's tragic.

cherry - you might want to talk to julie about your question. sounds like she can answer it better than i.

clinton - didn't you grow up in texas? did you even know what surfing was?

julie - geeks are the new awesome.

steprightup said...

Unfortunately, I never had a TK. My mom thought they were too expensive. I sucked.

blythe said...

it's not too late!

Alex said...

excuse me young lady, but thats how we rolled at irving middle school. and just for the record, i might be braindead and not smart anymore, but there was a time when i was more in line with my chinese roots from an academic standpoint. where you doing done with your high school math requirements by the time high school started? i think not. who was? thats right bitches. me.

Mr. Shain said...

alex, our high school math requirement was 1 year of consumer math ed... not such a big shot now are we?

Alex said...

im feeling far to uncreative to let loose a pithy response. touche sir.

Annie said...

STOP saying you're old.

I'm also obsessed with old-school school supplies. Check out this folder I found and bought at Walgreen's when I was.... yeah, 23. You will love it.

blythe said...

oh, that is a thing of beauty. lisa frank all the way.

also, i watch the last scene of the last episode of six feet under every few weeks and cry along with sia. i'm pretty sure that means there's something wrong with me, but eh.

Big Daddy said...



Wait until you hit 30.

Actually, 30 wasn't that bad.

My Trapper Keepers lasted about half a year before they just disintegrated from use.