Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

Holy crap, it's Wednesday again. Seems like I just did this. Is it me, or does this thing get worse every week?

  • Britney's boob is at it again. There was a time when this would've been exciting or something, but now it's just kind of meh. [Egotastic!]
  • What the ef? I've refrained from weighing in on this whole Paris goes to prison thing because frankly I think she should've paid a fine and been done with it, but this? This is outrageous. $1 million to teach an hour long Learning Annex class? Fuck you Paris. I set my alarm this morning for 5.30 so I can check TMZ to see you got pulled over for driving without extensions after busting LiLo out of Promises. $2 (that's all I have) says you haven't changed one bit. [dlisted]

  • More Pearl (you know, from The Landlord w/Will Ferrell)! Yes! via Radar
  • What is she keeping in there? Seriously. Is she pregnant in her butt? [Molly Good]

  • Oh no! Nancy Grace has spawned! [TMZ]
  • I just fucking hate Pete Wentz. [Gawker]
  • In local news, Oklahoma's looking for a new nickname. I'm not really sure why "Birthplace of The Most Awesome Person Ever (me)" won't work, but whatever. [NewsOK via The Lost Ogle]
  • The Dramatic Chipmunk finally jumped the shark. It was a good week, though. If you like being forced to watch a prairie dog stare at shit. It was great. [Giggle Sugar]
Speaking of jumping the shark - Lily Allen is so played out. Maybe even more than Amy Winehouse, but damn, if I don't just love this song. It's summer bitches!


Mr. Shain said...

paris has changed man, you'll see. she's found god, etc. look how george w changed after he found god. he turned a coke addiction into a national crusade against iraq. now imagine what paris can do.

Alex said...

holy christ, that ass is terrifying. ive never trusted kim kardaajkl;sdfweoin, mostly because she sucks and her last name is retarded, but i digress. its official, if i had the misfortune of knowing her in real life, i would be more scared of that growth than a million souless stares from the crazy german guy.

troy said...

6:45 and only 2 (3) comments, ouch. guess this really is getting worse every week.

blythe said...

mr. shain - you are wrong.

alex - i like the german guy. maybe we will be friends someday if we aren't already.

troy - you said it, buddy.

Alex said...

of course you like him now. he pulls you in with his polite, seemingly free-flowing nature. then you catch a glimpse of the blackness within his heart and the evil in his eye. scary.

NathanWind said...

that cartoon looks like farah fawcett and goldie hawn hatched a baby. does she have little donny disease? those who get the reference i love you eternally. if not then watch UCB

blythe said...

alex - i just had a beer with him. he's cool.

nathan - it's not that i don't get those references, it's just that i don't want you to love me eternally. or ever.

NathanWind said...

it wasn't meant for you whore. some people are just meant to be lonely and pathetic for the rest of their lives all the while deluding themselves into thinking they're better than everyone. enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen is not played out. But I guess if a song has been played outside of some little dark shithole and more than 20 people have heard it, it probably would seem played out to someone like you. snap.