Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

UPDATE: I have learned of the following and feel compelled to share without creating a new post that none of you will read anyway.

Funny or Die is the new YouTube.

Jenna Elfman would be funnier were she not a Scientologist. Just can't get past it. Ok, I can. This is pretty, pretty, pretty funny.


Via BWE: This scares me, but I'm laughing.

Fun Fact: Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes) and I share the exact same birthday!

Here at the bee-spot, we've been thinking that content needs a little shake-up, so don't be surprised to encounter some new features and say goodbye to others. Also, don't be surprised if nothing changes or if all posts are discontinued. But until then, here's the crap:

  • I saw Knocked Up this week. It was pretty good. This smoking hot girl with slacker, but charming chubby dude premise is wearing thin, though. When's it gonna be schlubby girl and Paul Rudd-like guy? I'm waiting. Oh, and when are people going to think of their own ideas, Judd? [Radar via Gawker]
  • Clearly, Cam has unwittingly become part of one of his "illusions." Wow, bet that hasn't been said 4,000 times. Times are hard here at the bee-spot. [popsugar]
  • You know who I hate more than Rachael Ray? Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II. Dude, you're like the Joe Rogan of movies. Awesome. [Defamer]
  • Balls to the wall Melfi! Sunday's episode was so face melting, I still have a hangover. Do not be surprised if all that is left of me after the last episode are my unpedicured feet after I spontaneously combust. [Breitbart]
  • I should be shocked, but really I'm just relieved that someone dresses worse than me. [dlisted]

  • In a related story, I'm glad someone's got bigger ones than me. Oh, she's pregnant. Blah. [WWTDD]
  • Blasphemy! Hilarious muggle blasphemy! Wand rape? Did I really just type that? [BWE]
See you next week kiddos!


5 of 9er said...

Would you call those pants? Chaps? Jean-chap-pants? Jeachants? Just plain awful.

Anonymous said...

joe rogan is a badass in the most subtle sense of the word. hes like a morning rain. he cleanses everything he touches with the omniscience of ghandi, or dare i say it, kim jong-il. plus, hes a UFC commentator/analyst. analyst? thats tough. wow, that guy is kicking the poop of the other guy. i hate to be that guy, but UFC is the only sport where a black guy pummeling a white guy is celebrated, even encouraged. for shame, america...... bee-spot is for stupids!

blythe said...

9er - they're too terrible for a name. yet i want them...

anon - er, should i say joe? sorry i hurt your feelings, man. i know you're a bit sensitive. maybe they'll pick up fear factor on USA or at least show reruns on the CW at 4:26 am. good luck to ya!

Dan said...

I was just thinking we need more movies about smoking hot chicks with slacker charming chubby dudes. Don't be hatin' on the Chubs.

blythe said...

dan - oh, i like these movies, i just want to see their reciprocal. so far, there's been no movie (that i can think of) where some charming, smart, funny, but not six-packed lass gets the hot hot guy. see?

Dan said...

what about Shallow Hal?