Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer in the City

Norman, OK to be precise. I've decided to initiate a regular post in which I will suggest fun things to do in the Sooner State. I predict a max of three things per post. We'll see. I'm doing this more for myself than you (which is pretty accurate for most of this blog), but maybe you'll benefit a little. Who knows. If you live in Norman, get out there! Hell, give me a call, I'll see you there! If you don't, be grateful. This might be a horrible idea. I'm not sure yet.

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Week of June 11:

-300 is at the dollar theater. I didn't see it in the theater and am half tempted. It's gotta be better than Hostel 2, right? Maybe not. 12:30, 4:05, 7:15, 9:50.

-Harry and the Potters at Sooner Theater, 7.30p FREE. If you think that's dorky, check THIS out! If you're not on a sex offenders list, I would suggest at least entertaining the possibility of watching a couple of kids sing about Harry and co. It's kind of fantastic in an embarrassing kind of way. Poke fun if you must.
-Take your inner dork to the next level and learn to knit at the Happy Cat Yarn Shop.


-Sunset Cinema - John Travolta night. Grease and Urban Cowboy for $5. Dusk behind the Melting Pot parking lot in Bricktown. I dunno. Could be interesting.
-Try some Red Hot Dutch Balls at Forward Foods. Buy some FAGE yogurt while you're there too. It's sooo good.

Bricktown Blues & BBQ Fest @ corner of Sheridan & Oklahoma Ave. FREE! Food!
Colourmusic and Ryan Lindsey at VZDs, 10p.

-Farmers Market,
615 East Robinson, Norman, 8-12. Local produce and cheap too.
-Dim Sum at
Grand House!
-Hosty Duo at the Deli. Always a good time.

-Look at dinosaurs. Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. It's there. We should all check it out time to time.
-Laundry @ my house. Free!
-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Diamond Ballroom, 7p. Tickets $20. Too rich for my poor-ass blood, but maybe not for you.
-Hosty solo at the Deli. $3. Prepare to wait in line.


Clinton said...

Damn, who knew Norman, OK was such a somewhat-happenin' spot. That sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I'm actually not; looks like a lot of funness.

When I think of Oklahoma, I usually just think of flat ground and tornadoes, so it's nice to see there's some other things going on there.

Mr. Shain said...

you've totally turned moving back in with your parents into a cultural art form. it's a little sick. maybe you could create a how-to-book for fellow mid-twenties drop outs. i know some people in publishing; let's make it happen.

Alex said...

most people don't understand how mindblowingly awesome norman is. as a member of the Starlight Mints said last year, norman is like an oasis in the middle of the bible belt. pretty sweet. but, for some reason, for the first time i can remember, the town hasnt cleared out for the summer. very demoralizing. but what can you do? street fight. thats what.

blythe said...

Clinton - I want to believe you, but it's hard.

Shain - You are like Regina from Mean Girls. We're friends, yet you're an ass to me and I put up with it because you're so cool.

Alex - If by mindblowing you mean mindnumbing, I'm on board (if by board I mean bored - pun!). Saturday night's alright for fighting.

Mr. Shain said...

Our lives are so Mean Girls.

Julie_Gong said...

I watched 300 last weekend by myself while drinking wine and eating Chinese food. It was pretty bloody but kind of awesome watching hot men kill people.

Jess said...

Harry and the Potters pretty much rule. I saw them a couple of years ago and they're back in Minneapolis just days after the opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Yes, I'm a dork.