Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Forefoot

Tonight, Lacey and I headed to Starbucks for our weekly (or semi annual, depending) meeting of the minds. We solve all of the world's problems while expertly avoiding our own (ok, that's just me). It takes hours and at least $12 worth of heavily caffeinated beverages.

Things learned:
1)Lacey works in the medical field and sees a variety of amazing shit, like this little gem. For some reason, a nine year old kid needs a skin graft on his foot. Don't ask. We don't know. It is decided to circumcise said kid and use his foreskin as grafting material. Yup. I'm afraid to say anything else since I already have a criminal record (just kidding - or am i?).
2) I am good at proofreading, but full of hate.
3) I know every song, who it's by, and have an 83.4% chance of guessing what album it's on. Do not mess with me. It is the one thing I am consistently good at.
4) Not everyone get my "humor."

This is for you Lacey. Funny story, sometimes I say Neil Diamond when I mean Neil Young. Maybe not so much funny as sad. Both are geniuses, though, so it works out.

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Mr. Shain said...

you were a little high when you wrote this werent you? a little?

blythe said...

i wish i'd been. or maybe i was. not.

NathanWind said...

it looks like Mama Young is growing a Diamond fetus. i wish i had Neil Diamond inside of me. oh my. um.. you're gay, not me. i'll fuck anything that moves. i love women!!!

5 of 9er said...

So is kid #1 a dick foot now? Wonder if the kids at school know.

I am horrible at proofreading... and not full of hate.

Lori Mocha said...

I am good at hating, but full of proofreading.

blythe said...

toad - everyone has a little neil diamond in them. he's magic!

9er - yeah, dick foot. can you imagine?

lori mocha - good at hating is good enough.