Sunday, June 10, 2007

Live blogging the final Sopranos episode

UPDATE - What other peeps are saying:

Here's Gawker's take.
And Best Week Ever. Props for dredging up Six Feet Under. That damn Sia song makes me bawl everyfreakingtime.
And Jossip. More later. I have a life. No, not really.

I still can't decide if it was the best ending ever or the most horrible finale known to TV kind. I think it was the best, aside from showing that girls can't parallel park. The biggest question it poses is what am I supposed to devote my life to now? Anyone?

8:56pm - ooh, I love this song!
9:00pm - WHAT THE FUCK?!


Dan said...

yeah. horrible. horrendous. horrlame.

Dan said...

so so fucking bad. I can't believe they did that. I mean, am I missing something major here or was that the worst ending ever? The whole episode was disjointed and I was hoping there was an aesthetic reason for that, but then GGGGGGLLLEEEECCCCCUUUUXXKKKKKKh?

what the fuck is right.

that was a criminally bad ending. was that the point? to give us a taste of the life isn't fair criminal life?

I am so pissed.

Dan said...

are we on spoiler alert or can we talk freely here?

blythe said...

oh, we can talk about it.

i honestly can't decide if it was perfect or not. it was pretty much like 8 years of foreplay with no payoff. still enjoyable, but you know.

i feel like i've just been unceremoniously dumped after paying for dinner.

Dan said...

If a cop out and a fuck job had a baby, that would be it. the perfect storm of lameness.

blythe said...

as the child of a cop out and a fuck job, i take offense to that analogy, but also, i think i'm going to have to disagree. not lameness. goodness. but i certainly see where you're coming from. perhaps the whole thing warrants a second viewing. i'm still getting over the blue balls from last night though. all in good time.

Dan said...

the problem with a 2nd viewing is you know what's going to happen so it doesn't have the same effect.

I just think that if they were going for the you don't see it coming thing, it would have been more effective without the dramatic build up of the Randy Jackson bass line and Meadow running across the street. But wtf do I know. I guess it makes sense, but I'm still pissed about being left high and dry. It seems like they did it like that just to fuck with people. If Lost does the same thing, I may pull a Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

blythe said...

oh buddy, lost is going to make this little business look like kids play. you might have to stop watching now.

the thing with meadow was significant, but i can't figure it out. was it merely a convention to build suspense? couldn't have been. so what was it? parking the car's some lame metaphor for how the whole family's been trying to gt in the right spot but have been bumping into shit, stopping and starting, but finally slide into place?

Dan said...

I am more likely and able to stop eating food or breathing air than I am to stop watching Lost.

Was it though? I think it was a suspense convention. I kept thinking the car was going to get hit by a truck when she kept pulling back out. It was nerve wracking.

Annie said...

totally loved the ending.

onion rings!

but yeah, even the cut to black. i'm completely insane!

Dan said...


Paris Hilton to Barbara Walters on jail: "I felt as if I was in a cage"

blythe said...

annie - i think it was the best way to go. tony's always been more complicated than a phil style send off.

dan - that paris, she's one smart cookie. made of stupid.

blythe said...

oh right. i forgot i was off to get onion rings.