Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in Love

with the anniversary of this blog (but seriously, only because no one else is and I have to, it's contractual). SPOILER ALERT: this has the potential to turn into a sapfest. Either get out now or, yeah, just click the little x. But before you do, as this is my blog, I can use it for evil as well as good. In the words of Bobby Brown, it's my prerogative.

Last year was an extraordinarily bad year. I mean, mega shitteous. Coupla things: 1. tragically dumped by high school boyfriend of seven years/love of life (so I thought), 2. beloved dog Zealand stolen (and, unless you've raised a dog from a puppy, it's really hard to describe just how absolutely heartbreaking this was) as a result of my dumping, 3. sold myself out of gainful employment (long story), 4. moved back to Oklahoma from the remains of my seemingly happy life in Northampton, MA. I know people have been through worse, yes, but this was all so completely unexpected and expected. Anyway. Shitty. I started this blog while I was tinkering with spreadsheets at good ol' Yankee Candle as a way to kind of creatively get through this crappiness. A year later, it's strange to peruse the archives to see who I was and think about where I am now. Also, this is a good test to see if I know my months.

A year in the Blythe: a photographic and postographic retrospective.


I went to a Halloween party in a barn. It was very New England. I do love Fall in New England. Something I already miss.



I went home to the OK for Christmas. While Christmas is about family to most, to me it is about gifts. Too bad for me.


I decided to move home. Yup. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Oh, except that before I left, Party Cat (featured in November) got tape stuck in her ass.

(I suggest clicking to enlarge.)


I will be single forever! And ever! and ever!




Shain and I continue our tempestuous relationship.


I celebrated my the one year anniversary of my dumpage. Sometimes I can't believe I made it. Sometimes I can't believe I stayed with that kid for so long. Bygones! Also, L and I hung out a lot. This is when I starting thinking I would someday ask her to be my hetero life mate. This is also one of the best perks of moving home.


I got HPV(II).


And now, well, looking back, it seems pretty mundane, but trust me. It was. Ok, seriously? It was a fucking awful year, but I think things are on the upswing. I really do. Well, as long as OU continues to dominate.


Dan said...

A good blog year, all things considered (and I'm not just saying that because elimination ceremony is tonight).

Julie_Gong said...

What a long, strange trip its been. How gay am I for saying that?

TK said...

Well, I read "I got HPV" and... boy, did I misinterpret that at first.

Your time in Mass. should have taught you that... well, there's always next year.

JHC said...

Funny, I come to your blog for whimsy. I didn't know you had such a shitty year since I only started reading this summer. Just know you made my year a little better even if yours wasn't.
Also, I have a sudden urge to go to an apple orchard.
Yowza, Bee!

Garrett Reid said...

Whoa. Look at the amount of skin in that last picture. super risqué.

Clinton said...

This is why I drink all the time. A year's never shitty if you don't remember it. Also, of course, congrats on making it through a year of blogging; you've been (and I assume will continue to be) an absolute blast to read.

Mr. Shain said...

it's like a blog clip show. great.

d said...

it's totally 'talk soup' for blogs. i, also, did not realize your year was so shitty.

you're sure damn funny about it.

Colleen said...

You can do it, lady. The next year can only be better. I already miss northeastern autumns, too.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Julie Gong is totally gay.

Is that a photo of Shain?

I am glad that we've become, ,BFFs through your blog. You rock.

5 of 9er said...

You accomplished a lot... or at least one thing per month (and that is quite active compared to some).

Big Daddy said...

Plus you got new readers!

Congrats [on the blog, not the crappy year]!

Garrett Reid said...

Blythe B. Spot - I don't get how someone could ever break up with you - I mean - look how hot you are! Your ex has to be pretty dumb because whoever he is dating now can't be even half as hot.

G said...

You forgot the part where you came to NYC and tried to forget your misery by doing very naughty things and losing an earring.

G said...

Also: garrett reid, I hope B paid you well for that. All she's ever given me has required lashings of medicated ointment to cure.