Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ok, so I have no humiliating pictures to entertain you with (I mean, I do, of course, but I'm lazy). However, instead, I thought I would take a load off and reveal some cringeworthy details about myself and then invite you to join in. By this, I assume you will take it as either an invitation to make fun of me or leave me to question my self worth by going silent. Yay!

1. I enjoy Frito chili pies way too much. If you don't know what this is, you are missing out. Also, I'll tell you the recipe: styrofoam bowl + Fritos + chili + chopped white onions + (yellow) cheddar cheese + plastic fork = heaven. (Mullet optional.)

2. My passport is devoid of stamps. If you or someone you know would like to rectify this, please do contact me.

3. I effing love the movie Center Stage. I would date Peter Gallagher's eyebrows. I put on legwarmers while I watch it.

4. I own legwarmers.

5. I'm actually looking forward to judging at high school debate tournaments with Shain.

6. Shain.

7. [this is my brain not working]

8. DMBMeg is in LA, so blove will have to wait till tomorrow. That means you have one day to woo us. If you have not forgotten or totally lost interest.

9. I took ballet when I was a kid. Once, during parent observation day, I was so nervous when I was doing a split leap over the magic jar or whatever she put in the middle of the room to show us where to jump, I peed midleap. Yes.

10. I have at least 10 items in my closet with the tags still attached. I hate people like that (me).

Your turn!


Julie_Gong said...

Um, I really don't think liking Center Stage is Cringe worthy. My friends and I watched it some much in college we made a drinking game out if it. Anytime one of the main characters talked we drank. Needless to say we made it about 30mins into the movie before we were shit faced. Good times...

TK said...

1. I have no idea what Center Stage is. Is that cringe-worthy?

2. Speaking of your music lists again, I have an unabashed love of Rilo Kiley as well as Tegan & Sara. This gets me a remarkable amount of shit from my friends. I do not care.

3. Don't sweat the closet thing - I probably have 10 DVD's on my shelf that still have the wrapping on them.

Dan said...

I'm not sure any of this stuff is cringeworthy. But, I am wondering why/how you can love frito chili pies (which sound incredible) and hate the KFC chicken shepherd's pie bowl thingy. If snacky bowl type things fell in love and had torrid affairs, these two would be spraying gravy and chili juice in some 7/11 parking lot right now. That is, until Beefaroni With Cheetos On Top strolled into town and swept Frito Chili Pie off her feet.

blythe said...

julie - ok, just because you like it doesn't mean it's not cringeworthy. also, thanks for giving me an idea for how to spend my weekend.

tk - 1. oh yes. i love julie, but she might be wrong. 2. i know! why is this? both groups rock my face off. 3. ah. dvd's = clothing in boy world.

dan - this comment alone has gotten you through to round three. not that anyone's playing anymore.

Chuck said...

I wore a collared golf shirt inside-out to church once. I turned real red when i noticed it.
Does that count as Cringeworthy?

Alex said...

hmmm, you know about the devil wears prada and eyeliner so i guess thats out. i suppose i have far too great an interest in The Hills and Emily and I deconstruct the drama on pretty much a weekly basis. especially Heidi and most recently, the transformation of Lauren from sweet, innocent girl to possible giant bitch. and after last night there are pictures that exist of me "modeling" a Dr. Huxtable-esque sweater + green Wrangler shirt combo. it really is the complete shit to be me.

on a side note, it appears matt and i made the paper today. considering that im smoking a cigarette and holding a gigantic whiskey and coke with my arm gently draped across his shoulder, i can only imagine the hell that i look like. hey, at least i have an excuse to buy The Oklahoman

The [Cherry] Ride said...

#1 & #4 = Sweet.

#2 = Sad.

#6 = Definitely cringeworthy.

Dre said...

frito pie rocks! as do legwarmers.

i post flashbacks on my blog, today is pretty damn humiliating... check it out
and have a laugh on me!

step right up said...

But did you pee in to the magic jar? Then it's not so cringeworthy.
As for the frito pie, it makes me think you are a frequenter of Sonic, perhaps?
As long as YOU are not cringeworthy, you're A-OK in my book!

Mr. Shain said...

1. i'm friends with blythe.

2. i cry while watching the joy luck club (every time).

3. i link to the [cherry] ride on my blog.

4. i blog.

5. i am.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Shain - You forgot to list:
6. "Troop Beverly Hills" is one of my favorite movies
7. I eat at Cheesecake Factory

Mr. Shain said...

ok, so we're gonna throw down like that now?

troop beverly hills is a classic. shelley long deserves a humanitarian award for all the laughter she brought to the 80s. also, she was the high school national champion of original oratory. and the culver city red feather are little bitches, for real.

cheesecake factory is delicious; don't pretend you didnt eat a whole cheesecake yourself for breakfast.

G said...

Mmmmm. Cheesecake.

Cringeworthy: I spent four hours passed out backwards on the bathroom floor last night. Also, the thought of my now-ex boyfriend with an empty seat next to him on the plane to California sent me crying for, oh, 45 minutes.

How's that for cringe?

Also, I'm currently wearing red and white striped boxer shorts that have lace sewn to the edges, courtesy of a 4th grade girl scout project. Yes, 4th grade. Yes, I'm still wearing them. And yes, it's 4:30 in the afternoon.

blythe said...

chuck - i don't know who you are, but not even close! thanks for playing, though. i mean it. you can do better then you'll feel better. catharsis!

alex - i will need to see evidence of this.

cherry - #6, i know, right!

dre - mmmmmm. frito chili pie while wearing snuggly leg warmers in front of center stage.

SRU - i make my own! or state fair! or sonic. fine. caught!

shain - 1. true 2. true 3. true 4. true 5. true

cherry and shain - love you guys! also, gonna have to agree with shain on the TBH - also, jenny lewis was in it.

g - yeah. welcome to all of last year! minus those horrible sounding skivvies. pictures please! but really, i love you. you will be fine. as long as you never wear those again.

JHC said...
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Garrett Reid said...

Could TK be any more obvious with the ass kissing? How many times is he going to compliment your musical tastes?

Garrett Reid said...

I, by the way, really do think you have good taste in music. I'm not just saying that like TK does. Want a mix tape?

JHC said...
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Big Daddy said...

1. I like cheesy Brit Pop.

2. Any of my hair 'styles' in high school are def cringesworthy [still working on scanning pics]

3. My vocabulary consists of quotes from the following movies:

Mean Girls
Sixteen Candles
Billy Madison

4. I blog. [I'm with Shain on that one.]

5. The things I have done while drunk [so very cringesworthy some of 'em].

blythe said...

garrett - it didn't really help tk now did it? also, you can dispense with the sucking up since you've got me by the balls.

were there jebus comments and now there aren't? i even posted a picture of the legwarmers in question!

big daddy - i can only assume you're wearing pink today.

d said...

have you had a walking taco at the fair? take a bag of fritos, pile on taco fixins, eat with a fork while walking around the state fair.

i just dare you not to feel like white trash while you're doin' that. but like white trash royalty. it's that awesome.

crimenotes said...

Foxy legwarmers, madame.

JHC said...

I misspelled a word so I removed my comment. Then I went to post again and blogger demanded I log back in so I left in protest.

No two ways about it, those are nice getaway sticks. The legwarmers are sassy too. The whole taking picture of oneself in the mirror is making a comeback, I can feel it.

blythe said...

d - a walking taco? that sounds more like a cleveland steamer or houston ham sandwich than something i'd actually want to eat. but like i've said before, i'll try anything once, especially if it involves fritos.

crimenotes and jhc - funny story about that picture. that was the picture i took of myself a mere hours before i busted out of MASS. i'd literally packed or given away everythind and was reduced to that outfit for 24 hours. it was hot. actually, no, it was cold since i didn't have pants and it was january. also, that's the morning ALL of my luggage got stuck in the trunk of my friend's car, so all i had to wear when i got home was my mom's clothes. great story, huh.

JHC said...

Well if you're going to be trapped in 1 outfit, let it be gym shorts and argyle leg warmers.

N said...

Umm you don't know me (unfortunate for you), but I like your style...sort of. If not for the rabid jealousy possessed by my BFF & VBF (vice best case BFF dies) , we could have been besties. BTW Center stage is only third behind #1 STEP UP & #2 Honey for the best movies of all-time.

Big Daddy said...


I was wearing a pink gingham shirt that day.

You're psychic!