Monday, September 24, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Monday: Random Crap Edition.

I kind of forgot to post on Friday. It was going to be about beer (surprise!), so I'll save it for this week, since beer and I have the most successful and lasting long term relationship I've ever had e.g. we're not breaking up anytime soon. In the meantime...

Boomer Sooner!
Yup. Steamrolled another team. Also, how come no one ever told me that Tulsa is the Golden Hurricanes? WTF, man. Hurricanes in northeastern OK? Um. The game was a little intense at the beginning, but then the more Shiner I had (shut up) the better we did, so all was well. All was not well for the other Oklahoma team. Holy balls watch this!

I got some culture.
Saturday night, I went to a movie called Strange Culture at the Oklahoma Museum of Art (if you haven't gone to a movie here, I highly suggest it - mainly because you can drink before right in the bar downstairs!!) recounting the events surrounding the weirdness and sadness that is Steve Kurtz. Totally bizarre subject matter and use of documentary conventions. I wish I could recommend it, but I'm not sure I can. It did get me thinking, though. Until I started drinking later.

Lacey's dad did it up at the Midway music fest thingy. It was pretty sweet. Lloyd rocked the drum kit while the Matthews clan and friends watched little kids in Superman t-shirts run around and bump into shit. Also, there were dogs and lots of bikes. A perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

The Jamminators! They're pretty sweet for jam band made of dads.

L's little brother, Luke. Look how happy he is.

Lacey doesn't have children (yet), so instead she settles for dognapping, then treating the hostage like a baby. Poor Willow.

What I really did this weekend
Um. So. MTV replayed the ENTIRE season of So You Think You Can Dance. Needless to say, when you called asking me to do stuff and I was all 'I'm really busy doing important cool stuff' I was really laying in bed crying to the choreography of Mia Michaels. It's my challenge.

But what about the music?
That's where you come in. I'm so tired of everything I've been listening to, I don't know what to do. I mean, it's all good since I've got such awesome taste, but I'm burning out. Help?


Clinton said...

"but then the more Shiner I had" = Awesome

As for music, I've been listening non-stop to this dude named Mika who's European and sounds like Freddie Mercury's long lost little brother. Check out his song "Grace Kelly." It's got my toes set on perma-tap. Oh, and apparently I'm the last person to hear about this guy. So you might already know what's up.

Mr. Shain said...

did that guy say "bedowngrades him"? that makes me want to puke.

Alex said...

oh god mike gundy is now awesome. tell jenni carlson how it is! and i thought everyone around here knew tulsa was the golden hurricane.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Couple things:
1. Who the fuck is that guy? I laughed out lide when he said "this was brought to me by a mother who has a child." Is there another kind?
2. I'm recommending the velvety stylings of Ms. Roberta Flack to all m friends these days.

JHC said...

Oh, Blythe... OU football on Saturday, So You Think You Can Dance on Sunday, it's like we're the same person!

d said...

i'm sorry, but i have been ignoring football.

as for listening pleasure:

ha ha tonka
the dodos
the new josh ritter
and you should really check out shout out louds.

christal said...

I've been hooked on
The Nobility (they have a full length CD and an EP under Jetpack UK). Happy Nashville band.

Cloud Cult (Meaning of the number 8). I can't tell if they're awful or not (it's hard to discern, for some reason), but I enjoy their music and they're environmentally friendly.

De novo dahl - cats and kittens

Fruit bats

And this weekend I just heard Pico vs Island trees and enjoyed it. (I intended to see Wild Sweet Orange, but was a bit late -- check them out, but I can't give my opinion.)

blythe said...

clinton - oh, c-dog. i think i probably told you about mika months ago, but... i kid. actually, it's my lil bro who got me hooked. his freddy mercury quality totally does it for me.

shain - i know, i couldn't stop feeling better about myself when i heard that too!

alex - jenni carlson blows. also, i'm sure the lost ogle's got some serious coverage of this. head on over.

cherry - he's the osu coach. the other oklahoma (shitty) team. that was spectacular, no? and yes. roberta flack. oh yes.

jhc - you wish you were kidding. but really, who can stop watching sabra?

d - i don't blame you and thanks. i knew you'd come through.

christal - thanks! your last suggestions were excellent as well.

Alex said...

i eagerly anticipate their continued coverage. you should read the article in question. completely awesome and it contains one of the worst intros i've ever seen.

and on your music note, i've just been celebrating the entire new pornographers catalog lately. namely, mass romantic because i like that song way too much.

and vhs or beta. i'm enjoying their work too.

Chuck said...

Well, at least nobody got their nuts ripped off this week.

On a serious note, How is Father-Bee doing?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

And what is up with this badmouthing incident that I supposedly instigated?

Tony said...

"also, i'm sure the lost ogle's got some serious coverage of this."

We do. And by "serious coverage," I mean OU and OSU fans bickering like schoolchildren. To the point that we had to close the comments.

Frankly, I find bee-spot's comments on the matter much more interesting.

I'm not sure that's particularly high praise, so don't let it got to your head.

l.elkins said...

oh man, your blog makes me nostalgic for the okla (where i'm from). did you ever have a sandwich from the midway market? so wicked yummy. i wonder if they still make them?

Lozo said...

Golden Hurricane. singular.

blythe said...

alex - i know! it's good shit. they're coming to dallas with spoon in november... ah. mass romantic. that's kind of what i am.

chuck - true and thanks for asking, he's doing much better. still taking it easy, though.

cherry - i still can't remember, but when i do, watch out.

tony - i will bedowngrade you! i am a 40 year old man!

l.elkins - took a gander at your operation. very enjoyable. and, oh yes, midway's still got it.

dearest lozo, you are correct sir. in a related story, who the fuck cares about tulsa anyway? am i right? am i right?