Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween schmalloween.

so, went to an early halloween party last night. my plan was to slut it up a la pregnant britney, but it was decided it was too cold for that amount of cleavage. instead, i donned a soccer uniform circa 7th grade. why, you ask? well, siobhlogger and big t posed as my midwestern parents. weird, yes, but funny too. i would include my picture, but i look like shit, so there's that.

the best costume of the night, hands down: the decider.

close behind is this box of franzia. he came complete with glasses and your choice of zinfandel or a lovely blush. i stuck to the miller lite.

i wish i knew how to quit you and to not be a hobo.

alabracadabra as the baroness.

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