Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Apartment! Well, somewhat. It was new as of about 10/3.

so, here are pics of the new digs. yeah, we're still lacking important things like a kitchen table, coffee table, living room seating and a TV you don't have to be three feet in front of to make out something shitty on basic cable, but we're getting there.

the kitchen's pretty sweet as far as noho kitchens go. nice glass front cupboards, deep double sink and a walk-in pantry larger than most dorm rooms at smith.

only a lonely futon right now, but we'll get around to filling up the space. fortunately, i have no friends, so it's more than enough for the cat and me.

ah yes, where all the non-magic happens.

it's a nice little bathroom, really.


angelina said...

congrats! looks like awesome new digs!!

p.s. I didn't have a sofa for, like, 3 months. Guests sat on a plastic box containing my high school year books. OH YES!

G said...

What cat? You don't have a cat. (Do you?)

bee-spot said...

roommate has a cat. her name is party cat. you would like her. i'll post pictures. she's freaking adorable.