Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the (long) weekend in numbers

4 hours spent in totally frustrating Friday night NYC traffic
1 reunion with old college friend
2 glasses of wine to pregame
3 beers the bartender mysteriously didn't charge to myself or college friend (i must admit, college friend is pretty cute. it's good to have her around) at a bar where I once became exremely intoxicated while underage with my dad's former student (and student teacher) and my church choir director's daughter.
$20 cab ride WAY downtown
4 Northamptonites meeting in the big city (treetrunk + the BF and friend)
1 shot bought by bartender for college friend and I. very delicious.
0 people discouraging college friend and I from stupidly embarking on Columbus Day Drinkfest 2006.
1 crashed private birthday party
3rd and Avenue B - somewhere near where I woke up. maybe.
1 earring lost (it was a good one too, dammit)
1 number given
2 train rides, 1 cab, 2 parades and over 1 hour to find my way back to
125th and Broadway
$8 mango mimosa that failed to make a dent in the most excrutiating hangover EVER
28-10 horrible, horrible loss suffered by OU
4 super obnoxious Texas fans that I wanted to punch in the face
1 reunion with old high school friend
1 super long trip back way downtown on the 1 to the most crowded bar i've wedged myself into
12.30am - received booty call text message
4 blocks walked through Harlem at 3am in high heels
$2.00 for the most delicious chocolate croissant
2.5 hours to get home
5pm drinks back in town
1 bottle of wine shared during an Indian feast
12 times Alabracadabra and I listened to sexyback
1 truly horrible idea of Sunday night karaoke
2 spectacular performances
2 giant powerades, 4 excedrin, 1 movie, 4 hours on Alabracadabra's couch and 1 holiday to recover from the truly horrible idea of Sunday night karaoke
1 painful realization that Saturday's hangover was nothing compared to hangover incurred from truly horrible idea of Sunday night karaoke
2 bad friends tempting me with
$1.50 pabst... (you know, to cure the hangover)
1 impromptu 2am dinner party on Eastern Ave
4 hours of sleep

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