Wednesday, October 11, 2006

she works hard for the money

this is why other companies refuse to let employees loose online...

bee-spot@[redacted].com> wrote:

eek! i was looking at the facebook group blythes' around the world and i saw a blythe [redacted]! i almost puked a little. just needed to share.

On 10/11/06, Laceybug <[redacted]> wrote:

did the puke come up into your mouth and then you had to swallow it?

something funny - I had to message [redacted]'s ex - [redacted] because I swear I saw her on Oprah - I think she was a bridesmaid at the wedding Oprah crashed in Tulsa this June - so far no response.

bee-spot to Laceybug 3:38 pm (39 minutes ago)
yeah, it was pretty bad. i would never have taken that abomination as a last name anyway. i have enough trouble with my first.

oprah, huh? we should take a trip to chicago and get in the audience. that's so us. we could do our own bee-spot and laceybug roadtrip. yes... then we can youtube it and become famous like we're meant to be!

Laceybug to me 4:17 pm (6 minutes ago)
Blizer -

Sounds like a good idea. Because we are meant to be famous. I just haven't figured out how - we should plan the route. I saw on facebook that [redacted] has tickets to Oprah. Maybe we should mug her and steal the tickets.


Anonymous said...

Dude - I think you just made us famous.

bee-spot said...

update: the ex was in fact on oprah!