Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Someone loves me (finally)!

I celebrated official Halloween by heading out to a reading/interview sponsored by my lovely local radio station with the Pioneer Valley's own Augusten Borroughs. Yes, I am one of those who voraciously blew through all of his books (well, except for Possible Side Effects because it's still in hardback and I am a cheap bastard) and fell in love with the idea that someone's family is more dysfunctional than my own and has drunk more than me, times 10. Siobhlogger and I settled into our seats and listened as Augusten told us of the movie making process, meeting Annette Benning and his love of Blenheim Ginger Ale, which he provided to the audience. Next, it was on to the Q & A section, where Siobhlogger's question was asked to the delight of the author and received the most laughs from the audience. I was jealous, I won't lie, but that's why she's getting the Ph.D. and I'm stuck in a windowless office. So, it's time for the signing of books portion of the evening and I'm literally too nervous to deal with it. It reminds me of when I met Kurt Vonnegut on the street and completely flubbed a hello or when I had Richard Wilbur sign a volume of poetry for my dad and almost passed out. In spite of my obsession with nerdy celebrities, I can't seem to handle meeting them (which throws a wrench into my plan of marrying Ira Glass). I desperately want S to pretend she's me (I'm whining/pleading, in fact), but she refuses (um, why would anyone not want to be me? what?). Finally, it's my turn and he asks me how I am, I say fine (do I ask him how he is? no...), he asks me my name, I say Blythe, he says B-L-Y-T-H-E? I say yes! Well done and on the first try! And he says, well, it's Gwenyth's mother's name. And I say, and Apple's middle name! By say I mean excitedly scream and perhaps spit a little bit into his face. So there's that. Oh, also, he writes "with love" in my book. Did he write "with love" to the woman ahead of me. NO. That's right. Someone loves me. But not like that.

I was almost ready to pee my pants already, so getting any closer than this or asking for a photo op was not an option.

Also, here are pictures of the cat for those of you who do not believe I could cohabitate with a cat. Her name is Party Cat. She belongs to Roommate and likes to sleep on me (much like she is on top of me in these photos) when I try to read books in bed. She also likes to bite my arms.


alabra said...

"Blenheim's is owned by the Schafer family, who also own the world famous South of the Border truck stop." glass elevator topped by a giant sombrero anyone?

Grace said...

You love cats. Admit it.

bee-spot said...

never. two words. litter box.

wait, is that one word?

never. one word. litterbox.

G said...

No, really: You love cats and I love you. Besides, better to scoop the litter box than have to walk a doggie in freezing weather and pick up the poop with a hand covered in a plastic bag.

Oh yes, litter boxes (two words) are way better.