Monday, November 13, 2006

A few things:

So, after my adventure Friday afternoon, pretty much anything was going to be anticlimatic, but I will regale you with my weekend anyway.
Friday night: Acorn to Tree and Kelsey Frost made dinner for Siobhlogger and I. Very nice. Then we headed out to have a drink with Big T. Also very nice. Then, Acorn to Tree and I headed to the seediest, smelliest bar in town to hear some music, which for once ended up not being too bad. These kids were awesome. My new musical heroes, if you're into nerdy white boy rapping - or something. I actually enjoyed myself for once, but there was no dancing as my legs are pretty much useless as a result of my return to Bikram Yoga. The events following are unspeakable, but I will provide highlights: a lost coat (again!), the radio, a Chinese dictionary, 5am.
Saturday: After waking at noon (only four hours of daylight left, blah), Siobhlogger took me for a nice jaunt in the woods, then we went suburban and bought dog food, stuff like that, you know. JS called and invited me to dinner with himself and Alabracadabra. He graciously picked me up (you know, since I can't drive) and we had a lovely dinner of gourmet roast beef sandwiches and homemade mac and cheese. I have not eaten at home since Monday night. I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or not. Then we headed into town for a lovely drink at a lovely bar and I think I forgot to say thanks. Thanks JS. I was a good girl and went home at 1.
Sunday: Now, this is where things get weird. I'm pretty much broke, can't drive, am boyfriendless, all the friends are busy doing productive things, so this means I must entertain myself. I watched some Meet the Press and yelled at the TV, made a weird soup, cleaned my room, and took a two hour bath. I'm very clean now. I went to The Neighbor's house to check my email and we ended up going to dinner, which continues my no food at home streak, which I've decided, I'm publically ashamed of, but secretly proud. We watched some Mr. Show, which is never a bad idea on a rainy Sunday. Back at home, I did the following to stave off absolute boredom: made myself a gin and tonic, organized my photos, did some dishes, tried to teach myself Maybe I'm Amazed on the guitar, sang an entire Ella Fitzgerald album as if I were giving a concert, finished a biography on Queen Elizabeth (I) and started The Master and Margarita. Finally, Roommate came home and we watched some Sex and the City. Is this normal? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? I'm skeptical.


Matt said...

Define "weird soup."

bee-spot said...

i set out to make minestrone with some veggies, but in the middle realized i had no chicken stock, tomatoes, or the right pasta. you know, the stuff you make minestrone with. so, it turned into some sort of cannellini bean mess. whatev.