Monday, November 06, 2006

Things I learned this weekend:

1) Alabracadabra is a lovely hostess and wonderful cook. She made a beautiful Sunday pot roast for Chris, Matt and I. Thanks!

Mmm. Beef. And vegetables, I suppose. I know I should like vegetables. And I guess I do, when they're covered in meat juice. Mmm.

Matt "cocaine is the most fun you'll have this year" and Alabra, gracious hostess.

Chris "my double chin drops like testicles after dessert."

Not pictured: me stuffing my face with meat, root veggies and bread.

2) Siobhlogger is one crafty bitch! While I wallowed about on her couch nursing yet another vicious hangover while pretending to knit wrist warmers Saturday afternoon, she went to town making these placemats. Good job!

3) You really do only get ass when you haven't shaved your legs since sometime before Labor Day.

4) Don't take pictures when you're drunk. Check out these little gems I found on my camera from Thursday night.


G said...

HEY! How'd you find gems on your camera? I want pictures from our weekend of love! Come on, there are pictures of me on there, too! :\

bee-spot said...

your pics are trapped on my lifeless computer as opposed to my camera. i want them too! i'll make you a deal, you figure out how to get them off my deadbeat comp, and i'll post them. deal? deal!

Siobhlogger said...

i wonder if the blogname "crafty bitch" is taken?