Thursday, November 09, 2006

i am feeling uncreative and strapped for time because i have to catch up with gawker and tmz

holy crap! did you see lost last night? sawyer + kate + cage = creamed my pants.

and that ben/henry gale is one badass mutha.

but other than that, nothing much happened, as usual. however, since lost is crack and i have an addictive personality, i don't see ending our terrible, codependent relationship anytime soon, although i do have a break until 2/7. so, i have wednesday nights free for drinking again. call me! seriously, call me.


Daniel said...

I'm wicked cracked out on Lost. Can't believe they're going to make us wait until Feb. Doesn't the pusher man know, I need my juice? Anyways, while I was watching the last episode it occurred to me that they're sort of working a Star Wars thing: Jack/Luke, Kate/Leia, Sawyer/Han Solo, Others/Evil Empire, Lostees/the Rebels, Ben-Henry Gale/Darth Vader. Am I stating the obvious here?

Siobhlogger said...

finally some hot island sex and Jack decides to act before it's too late.

bee-spot said...

total star wars thing going on. must be why i like it so much. not that i'm a nerd or anything.