Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm pretty sure I still have bird flu

but, guess what you get to have when you're afflicted? A hot toddy! Delicious and better than a robotrip anyday. I sucked it up and watched the Big Game with a couple of kids from Ohio and a disinterested Michigan fan among others. It was actually a pretty good time in spite of me hating that both teams are better than the Sooners. I was also just ecstatic because I could actually breathe out of my nose. And, of course, the victory beer didn't hurt either. I would like to point out that OU went on to a 36-10 win over Baylor since so many (by so many, I mean all three of you that read this thing) of you care.

And now, back to bed, I think. Not because I'm sick so much as the hipster/emo (there's also the uniquely Northampton "smithster" in abundance this evening - so young!) kids here at Haymarket are way too cool for school and are giving me the evil, but tolerant, eye. I feel I should either put a skirt over my not skinny enough jeans, break out my tortoise shell glasses (ok, yes I have some in spite of my self proclaimed "fighter pilot vision"), pull up my leg warmers, listen to Devendra Banhart while rocking a pair of leggings and Uggs, drink a soy chai latte out of an ogranic coconut shell that I will compost shortly after consumption or head home.

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Nori said...

Hey Bee-Spot.
Sorry to hear you have a bird-flu. Hope you are getting better though.
I saw this 40 something old lady with leg warmer yesterday here in sad. She had this brown mini skirt and baby pink leg warmer and runners on. Runners..with sad.