Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Goulet Wednesday News Roundup

-Geez Louise lady! I haven't seen this much muff since I was at a women's college. How many times now, five? Good lord.

-Old news, I know, but if my thing with FedEx doesn't work out, there's always Kid Rock, I mean Bob. In a related story, Borat is one step closer to moving from "hand party" to "sexytime" with Pam.

-One down, I don't know how many more to go, but hopefully all of them.

-Wes and Coral from the Real World are speaking at Smith tomorrow night. I'm half tempted to go. I can't clearly remember Wes and know that I'm still scared of Coral. Remember when the Real World wasn't populated by drunken-anorexic-sorority-turbo-sluts and manwhores? Yeah, me too. Remember that first season? I'm still half in love with Julie and Eric Nies is still hot (remember The Grind? If you haven't seen me already, it's where I learned to dance, back in 1993). Shit sucks now, man. Still, I smell a Netflix fueled marathon!

-First NBC, now Colin Powell? They're catching on...

-And I thought my name was trouble... Check out this winner.

-"I'm Brian Fellows!" With a DUI.


G said...

Dude, you love cats by the way. Check it:
It's reeeediculous.

Siobhlogger said...

an excellent roundup...thanks for keeping me informed. i am so happy for Borat's prospects. maybe that's what spurred the divorce in the first place?

bee-spot said...

word on the street is:

1) no, i don't love cats. ok, maybe, but no.
2) yeah, kid got all freaked out at the movie!

also, britney wore pants yesterday!

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