Monday, November 27, 2006


Hibernation: I haven't checked my email since Friday night! Sadly, I only had 36 messages. I was hoping that an onslaught of emails imploring my immediate return to the blogosphere would await me, but it was mostly my mom. Thanks guys.

Reviews: I saw two movies this weekend while on brief breaks from my self imposed hibernation; Casino Royale and For Your Consideration. Casino Royale, albeit a mite campy, delivered in all the ways a Bond movie should. I'm considering switching teams as Eva Green is pretty much the hottest lady I've ever seen and made me feel something funny in my naughty bits. However, For Your Consideration was somewhat of a disappointment. I think it was the pace of the narrative or something. Something was just off. Sure, there were moments of hilarity, including a dead-on depiction of entertainment daily tv shows, but other than that, kinda flat. Save your $8 and rent Waiting for Guffman.

Declaration: This is the winter of heels. I will wear them out rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc. Fortunately, global warming is preventing me from putting this declaration to the test. 62? Late November? Awesome! I loathe socks, coats and closed toed shoes.

Request: Andrew Bird (!) is playing at Middlebury on December 1. Who's coming with me? Seriously. I really really wanna go and need a partner. It's not too bad of a drive (I'm a good driver, I promise), the tickets are only $8 and he's freaking fantastic! Take a listen. He doesn't come round these parts very often. It's in your best interest. I'm just looking out for you.

Apologies: I have not had time to review TMZ, Gawker, Perez, Molly or Pink yet today. I will bring you any breaking news as soon as I can. Sit tight. I can guess for you, though: Lindsay has shown her crotch somewhere, Britney and Paris lost their pants, blah blah blah.

Congratulations: The Sooners triumphed over the lame-ass Cowboys with a 27-21 victory! Boomer! Sooner! Not gonna help us much, though. Stupid USC and the other OSU.

Cats: I still don't understand them. There were two creeping around the apartment over the holiday (cat sitting for the neighbor). I thought they would play together like dogs, or at least fall asleep in a cute little pile like an inspirational poster, but no. One hid under the bed and the other escaped. Roommate found Party Cat under the porch, fortunately. Good thing cats don't have distinct personalities, that way we could've replaced her real easy.


Dan said...

congrats on the Sooners. too bad they didn't cover the damn spread.

as for the unholy trinity, looks like you were right.

bee-spot said...

what was it, one point? sorry about that...

damn! i was right. seriously, these chicks are sluts from hell.

Matt said...

In response to your "Request," I would surely consider it if Sugarbush were open (just 25 miles away in Warren, VT). I've never skied in Vermont and it's a little cheaper than a flight to Aspen. Your "Declaration," however, explains quite well why Sugarbush is not open, so that's not going to happen.

bee-spot said...

January! Here we come!