Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon and I am still reading the Sunday Times.

I weighed it on Sunday. Two pounds according to my scale (which, in all honesty, I hope is a little off most of the time, but I suspect is accurate in this case). This behemoth costs $5. $5! That's a value meal at McDonald's, about 6 tacos at Taco Bell, or three nips of Jim Beam. Seriously, that's a lot of cash for a pile of newsprint, most of which I'm not interested in. So, I'm making an offer.

Here are all sections of the paper (Blah blah blah business and real estate. Who cares? I have no money and am therefore disinterested.):

Here's what I read (I am willing to share the sports section. Since OU is sucking, I'm not too attached to it at the moment.):

Perhaps we can timeshare? Let me know.


Dan said...

you could always read it at the library - it's free. Of course, you can't import your bed/couch, stereo/tv, kitchen table, beverage, etc. to the library but it's free. or there's always the interwebs.

alabra said...

dibs on the magazine - what's that, 75 cents?