Tuesday, November 14, 2006

blah blah blah knitting

So, I belong to an informal knitting group. We try to meet up once a week to do some eating, some gossipping and eventually, some knitting. Well, the others do.

Look at Alabracadabra hard at work!

Pregnantigoni knitting while wearing her own handiwork. Quite amazing.

Look at me pretending to knit. Yes, I devoured that bread bowl AND the bag of chips. That's how I roll.

What I end up doing is examining the contents of my purse when I realize that I cannot actually knit worth a damn.

1. cell phone - essentially useless, no one calls me and i use it exclusively for drunk dialing
2. lip gloss - you know, in case anyone's ever looking
3. moisturizer - it's winter!
4. wallet - chock full of receipts
5. sunglasses
6. keys - to my sweetass ride and posh apartment
7. post-it - probably something important that i've already forgotten
8. USB cord. you know.


alabra said...

I'm pretty sure I was ripping out my stitches for the third time in that picture.

bee-spot said...

i don't know why this post is all wonky. it didn't look like that when i was creating it. blah. kind of like my knitting. which is for suckers.