Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Christmas Wrap Up (get it? wrap up? ha!)

Lame. Kind of like Christmas. I know I shouldn't complain. However... of the cousins/grandchildren, my brother and I are the only kids who haven't been arrested for possession or have DUI's - in fact, we're both literate and I even graduated from college (the little bro's still in high school), but somehow this seems to have no impact on the gift situation. So, we each get two TWO presents while the degenerates loudly rustle through a substantial pile of love gifts. I drive the family three hours to far western Oklahoma (I almost hit a tumbleweed! I'm not kidding!) to end the day with two gift cards to Wal-Mart. At least now I can buy that NASCAR DVD I've been wanting. We're a classy bunch.

This is how much no one loves me.

This is my brother, dad and I having our own gift card exchange. I eventually traded in the Wal-Marts for Dillard's (mid-west department store) and Macy's. I now own a lovely pair of gold high heels. Why not?

This is the most hideous thing I've seen since pictures of Suri. The fam likes to have a "dirty Santa" (aka "Yankee swap" or some shit) and this gift was a stunner (proudly displayed by brother and uncle bee-spot). You might need to click on the picture for a close up. It's truly a work of art. I can get it for you real cheap. Just let me know.

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