Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You may ask yourself; Well...How did I get here?

Because I know at least one of you (out of all three of you) reads this several times a day, I am inspired to provide you with more content. I present to you a mid-afternoon smorgasbord of my head.
1. Have you seen the Greg Behrendt Show? I remember when his book, He's Just Not That Into You was a big deal a few years ago. I even seem to recall an Oprah appearance. Recently (i.e. this week), I've had a few opportunities to watch a little daytime television and happened upon this show after almost gouging my eyes out with blunt objects during a viewing of Rachel Ray's new show. What's up with his hair? It's like Mark McGrath and Vanilla Ice mated. And what's with all the vests? And tight pants? Wikipedia tells me that he used to room with David Cross. Wha? David, tell your old roomie the truth about this terrible show. (Also, just got a Bag Hutch!!) I'm just not that into this show and you shouldn't be either.


2. Amy Poehler prefectly summarizes the recent behavior of Brit on last week's SNL. Also, I just love her.

I will be including baby factory, beave, and lady garden in my active vocabulary from now on.

3. I am so over the Dreamgirls hype. Yeah, Beyonce's hot (and also a bitch, apparently), but she can't act for crap. Remember that movie she was in with Cuba Gooding Jr? I didn't think so.

4. It snowed! Just a tiny bit. Nice, fluffy, fat flakes. I like this time of year when it's novel as opposed to rage inducing.

5. "Elf" is officially my favorite holiday movie.

6. I really like being a holiday party date, so let me know if you need my services. I will +1 the crap out of any event.

7. Remember this? I think you do. I think the fact that I remember making sure I was listening to KJ103's Hot Eight at 8 for the sweet sounds of Snow makes me officially old. This jam's from 1993.

8. To continue my recent penchant toward whiney/sad bastard/emoish music, check out this one:

9. Same as it ever was...

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