Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Friday, I'm in love.

Hi there! This is a special Oklahoma version! I know you can't wait! No one still reads this, do they. It's ok. My mom does.

1. Red dirt! It's everywhere. Unless you've seen it in person, it's hard to understand red dirt.
2. Mexican food. I have consumed about 10 pounds of enchiladas since my arrival Tuesday. Don't worry, I'm running three miles a day to make up for it, except I'm not.
3. Old friends. Oh Shain, gay boyfriend of yesteryear. You will never change.
4. The original best dog ever (my other has been stolen), Claire. She's gettin' old, but she's still one good lookin' lady dog.
5. Cheap gas. $2.07/gallon! Ok!
6. The 'rents are footing the bill for everything (should I feel guilty?).
7. Cheap beer that's not terribly sucky.
8. It's 55 outside right now. And it's December 22nd. Ah yes.
9. No cross walks.

Happy Holidays Ya'll.

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