Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Friday, I'm in Love

I know you've been waiting for this one! Here's the list for this week:

1. This purse. So cute. So wintry. So empty. (But, I still love it.)

2. Snoop Dogg does Christmas. Scroll down this page to download "Christmas Time in the LBC."

3. Burritos! Any kind, really. But, if anyone wants to take a trip to Anna's Taqueria or Benny's, lemme know. Whoa, there's a burrito blog. Of course there is.

4. Nick Le-Che. If you haven't bought my Christmas gift yet (don't worry, I haven't bought yours), here's one idea...

5. My friends. Thanks a million, kids as I have been a bit whiny and needy as of late, but you have all taken it in stride. I want to give a special long distance dedication to C-tina and Laceybug. C-tina - I'm wearing the Northwestern sweatshirt (fits perfectly, as does everything, amazingly. Remember when we gave L-Ma the Ayatollah Assaholah tee-shirt? I don't think she liked that as much as us.) and socks as I write. On post-its. Your package definitely made my day. And L-Ma, your cat card is up on the fridge in a very prominent position. It means a lot. Thanks.

1 comment:

christina said...

i'm so glad you got the package and some stuff is worth keeping. i had fun putting it together and i do remember the ayatollah shirt - perhaps a misguided gift for our good friend but what a we dare ask where it could be now?