Thursday, December 21, 2006

I met Kayne! For real!

Last night, L-Ma and I were meeting up with an old high school friend at a local bar. Our friend meets us and leads us to a booth where L-Ma suddenly turns to the people seated beside us and says something along the lines of, "I think you should've won." I'm trying to figure out what's happening, then I see the spiky blonde hair and overly ornate shirt and sure as shit it's Kayne having dinner! He was so gracious and polite to our gawking and told us his new shoe line is coming out soon. Yay! We returned to our booth where I began plotting as to how I was going to get him to take a picture with us. Kayne (and his BF?) get their bill and are readying to leave when our waitress (who has been shamelessly flirting with our friend - gross, really) makes a comment about wearing her gay pride bracelet and our friend responds somewhat un Not good. L-Ma then puts the kibosh on asking for a photo. Fucking Oklahoma. L-Ma now wants me to leave Kayne a comment through MySpace (yeah, he's my "friend" - so what) explaining the situation. We'll see.

So, I have nothing to show for my most recent brush with fame except this:

Yup. That's right. His check.


eliza said...

I don't know who Kayne is but if he is famous...shouldn't he tip at least 20% ?

bee-spot said...

this is the land of 15% tipping. plus, we had the same waitress and she wasn't all that great. but, on the other hand, two beers cost me $5 and it wasn't a dive like hugo's, so there's that.

Dan said...

I read this as Kanye at first (and it sort of makes sense if you remember that he threw a tantrum about not winning video of the year) and I wasn't quite getting the gay thing, why he would be in Norman at a bar, without an entourage, and why he was signing Kanye as his last name. But now I see. Kayne, not Kanye. Got it.

I thought the German woman should have won.

Siobhlogger said...

I thought the same thing...I think this is a sign that you are in for the best 10 days in Oklahoma EVER!

bee-spot said...

kanye's one of my good friends, so i probably wouldn't blog about it.

christmas break 06 is rawkin' so far! you all know you wish you were here.

Rigs & Rags said...

ummm kayne is a horrible tipper.