Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nerd Party 06!!!

So, my high school has an English program called AEGIS, which is a highly selective, two year (11th and 12th grade), intensive program in which students are required to do all kinds of things - enter writing competitions, write plays for performance by the competitive acting class, prepare for the AP English test, etc (not that you can tell from my writing...) [ We're nerds, but I don't want to give you the wrong impression - most of us were actually just trying to get laid, convince someone to buy us alcohol, find ways not to go to school, buy Cliffs Notes for Wuthering Heights, and think of excuses for why we were out all night - studying, naturally. Lies. All lies. We were big geeks.] There were only 16 of us, so we got pretty cozy (read everyone's made out with everyone. Literally.) with each other over the years. Also, since we were (are) dorks, we were in the same AP and other dork classes together. Then we all scattered far and wide for college. This year, I decided to round us up in one place and nerd it up.

Things went pretty well. We all met up at a surprisingly swanky bar in Norman. Shots were taken. Stories were told. A good time was had by all. Of course, my phone dies and I miss the after party because I couldn't get directions (yes, I got everyone's text messages today - sorry!) and I have no idea where I'm going in this town anymore. So, instead, I did it up high school style, sucking face in the back seat of a car to Justin Timberlake all night like my life depended on it until my lips hurt (still hurt). Of course, I lost an earring. Some things never change.

Whose are these? Not mine, for once. Morgan has always been my toughest competition.

Mike and C-tina. Mike and I often fought to the point of jumping over our desks and beating each other with our copies of The Great Gatsby. Good times, good times.

L-Ma and Matt.

Alison. We wrote a play together about a provolone salesman. What?

Jared, Alison, Alex and Brian. Jared and Alex speak Chinese too!

Morgan being Morgan.

Brian and Alison. These are the worst captions ever. I am very tired and slightly hungover, you see.

Brandon and Jared. Neither of this kids were actually in AEGIS, but we decided they could stay.


Matt said...

It looks like I missed a great time. And there were only 17 of us, or are you already suppressing your memory of me? (1. you, 2. me, 3. Alison, 4. Jeffrey, 5. Mike, 6. Chiku, 7. Morgan, 8. Christina, 9. Chris S., 10, Chris T., 11. Jennifer, 12. Matt K., 13. Brian, 14. Matt F., 15. Derek, 16. Mary, 17. Brice).

That's not "C-Tina" whose last name begins with "E", is it? She looks so different.

bee-spot said...

you did! wish you coulda been there. mike offered to round up the cash for a ticket, but that was last tuesday, so i don't think we could've afforded it. next year! also, you're coming skiing and so's morgan! oh, i didn't count chris s. didn't he get kicked out or move or something? i can't even remember... oh yes, that's c-tina l-more. she's well. in fact, everyone seems to be great. except brice. who's still a republican and moving to your neck of the woods.

Matt said...

Yeah, that bastard 'll probably find a nice apartment inside the beltway and attend $500/plate fundraisers every other night with his trophy girlfriend, whose daddy is a Republican executive with Philip-Morris (uh, I mean "Altria Group"). He'd better enjoy it while he still can. By 2008, his party's fortunes will change and he might only be able to afford a small duplex in rural Northern Virginia.

But enough about Brice. Morgan can ski? January. Just about any weekend works for me; do you want to pick one?

(P.S., I ditched you all because of wanting to spend time with my family and a lack of vacation, not so much the cost of a plane ticket; I didn't sweat it through a 4-year engineering education to be stingy.)

bee-spot said...

if you're serious about the skiing, it'll have to be late jan or maybe even early feb. there's seriously no snow!

you picked your real family over your aegis family? come on!