Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hoboken isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

This post is a bit delayed (and not even remotely humorous), but such is the life of a computerless (unfunny) blogger. I use term blogger, loosely, don't worry.

Siobhlogger let me tag along with her this weekend to her old stompin' grounds in Queens, Manhatten and Hoboken.

S's parents graciously hosted me Friday night. They have cable. It was heaven. Pure heaven. I had no idea just how much I miss Clinton and Stacy. Also, someone please nominate me for "What Not To Wear." Clearly, I qualify and could certainly benefit from a $5k shopping spree and a fashion ass lashing.

Saturday, S and I struck out via the LIRR to the city to meet up with Allison, a college friend of Siobhan's. We gorged on pizza and the view from Allison's apartment as we readied ourselves for the weekend's main event, a birthday party in Hoboken. We stopped in the village to pick up another friend and stuff our faces with cheese and hummus. We then headed over to NJ on the PATH. My first time! The party was hosted at this bar and featured an open bar as well as mini sliders! Delicious and just what you need after a face full of pizza. Whatever. I was on vacation.

This is the view from Allison's 34th floor apartment. Not too shabby.

This is S and I at Nine. I (on the right in case you don't know me) have never claimed to be photogenic. Nor attractive. Don't all email me at once asking me out.

We headed back to the city after our fill of free alcohol and finger foods, and after a small door debacle and a guy named Tyrone, made our way to The Other Room for a nightcap (where I tried to get high school friend Erik to meet us, but to no avail).

S, Allison and I ate our weight in diner food Sunday morning before heading back to Queens, where I got to help pick out my first real Christmas tree! My family has always had a fake one, dunno why, we just have. S and I decided to help her 'rents out by setting up then putting the lights on the tree. Easier said than done. The sucker fell over once and I'm very disappointed in my lighting skills. After determining the tree would remain upright long enough for us to escape, we took off for our happy valley. Big T called on the way and offered us a dinner at Green Street. Can't say no to that!

O Tannenbaum.

All in all, a good (if uneventful) weekend.

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