Monday, December 04, 2006

122 King Street Art Center

Really Ugly Cat House Thing
December 4 - when I can't stand it anymore

(Northampton, MA December 4, 2006) - 122 King Street Art Center is pleased to present Really Ugly Cat House Thing, an exhibition that brings together an artist exploring and transforming ordinary objects (namely trash) and social practices through a deliberate methodology.

With her uncompromising endeavor to probe the visceral and enigmatic world of cat toys, the artist, Recs, illuminates themes such as alchemy and religion, symbols of power and wealth, and the ostentatious and the sublime.

"Recs is an artist's artist," notes her roommate Blythe, curator of this blog and the exhibition. "Her significance places her between Dave's Soda and Pet Food City and Petsmart as a force whose ideas and influence have helped to shape late twentieth century cat art."

Really Ugly Cat House Thing is constructed of a really ugly cat house enveloped in the underside cover of a dilapidated box spring entwined by a decimated cassette and imbued with a sense of unrelenting authenticity and power. This complex architectural structure encourages direct participation, and also evokes references to fragile childhood scale models and places of the imagination.

The artist pictured with her inspiration, Party Cat.


G said...

Fucking brilliant.

Also, I noticed that your blog is all light and cheery, while mine is, like, the Hole of Despair and Whining. It's gotta stop.

bee-spot said...

I'm glad someone recognizes my idiotic brilliance... now, if others would just comment. I am an insecure person and seek validation through unhealthy external sources, people, so comment damnit!