Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Goulet Wednesday News Roundup

Mama's got a brand new bag totally deadbeat, sketchy looking, potential moocher dude. [TMZ]

Linds has seen the light. She, like, hasn't had a drink in seven (7) days! [PerezHilton] Which means she might have been sober when she wrote this. Scary.

I guess I'll have to get that subscription to Maxim now. [Jossip]

Maybe Brit's new BF needs a DUI before they'll let him into Hyde. Seems to be a prerequisite. [MollyGood]

Watch out Suri. [Gawker] In a related story, yeah right. [MSNBC]

This is in case you have forgotten the source of Goulet Wednesday News Roundup.

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k said...

check out this video I made of a goulet themed party I went to this weekend, there's some funny stuff in there.