Monday, March 12, 2007

Zack Harrison Music Monday

Friday I was not in love with anything except being cranky, hence the non-post. This weekend, however, turned out to be all right. I ate my weight in Mexican food Friday night (sexy, huh?) and grabbed a drink with a couple of friends. Hung out at the regional high school debate tournament on Saturday for 12 hours (thanks Mr. Shain) then went to a party that got busted by the cops a la college. Recovered from said party Sunday and went to hear my new favorite thing at my new favorite place last night. All in all, not too shabby, I suppose, if you have no expectations. My point is, over the course of this weekend, Zack Harrison came up not once, but twice! This is a kid I knew in high school. Well, one year of high school. He was a senior when I was a sophomore. In any case, I don't know how, but somehow we became friends of a sort. Basically, he convinced me to debate, took me to parties, and made me mix tapes. I'm not gonna lie, he made some pretty, pretty, pretty good mix tapes. He is the reason I still include Fallin' (De La Soul and Teenage Fan Club), Message to You (The Specials), Boys Don't Cry (The Cure), Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (Nice n' Smooth), and Get It Together (Beastie Boys) on almost every compilation CD/playlist I make you. Prior to him, I mainly listened to top 40 shit, classical music and the Beatles, because that's what my parents listened to. In his honor, or memory, haven't seen or heard of him in like, eight years, I present to you:

Zack Harrison Music Monday

*I would work harder to provide links if I had any motivation or hope that any of you actually heed my musical advice. Also, not all of these are new. Gotta mix it up.

My Ho Drives a Big Red Car - Heater: (This is where Zack Harrison comes in for the third time. Last night, I'm at The Deli listening to Mike Hosty and he plays this. I have this on some random CD that I had in high school, I think. Weird. I know all of the words. I can see the cd. It's got a tire on it. It says Heater. Why is Mike Hosty playing a Heater son? Who is Heater anyway? Then I put it all together. Zack gave me a bunch of cds, which I apparently never gave back, one of them being Heater. Mike Hosty was in Heater. I have liked him all this time!)

Decatur or Round of Applause for Your Step-Mother! - Sufjan Stevens: I'm just in love with Mr. Stevens. Anything he does is magic, for me. I can't wait till he comes out with Oklahoma!

She Doesn't Get It - The Format: This sounds like high school.

Golden Skans - Klaxons: I would listen to this while planning a trip to outer space.

Nature of the Expirement - Tokyo Police Club: If you are Canadian, I automatically like you, apparently.

Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies:
Sorry Lou, bit this version is way better. I am slow dancing with myself right now.

Bright Eyes double play: Four Winds - this is the new one. As a former violinist, I inherently like it. Also, it's really good. At the Bottom of Everything: who doesn't love songs that start with plane crashes? Oh Bright Eyes...

Penny on the Train Track - Ben Kweller: This falls under my rule of liking all Bens (Gibbard, Lee, Folds, Franklin).

Polar Opposites - Modest Mouse: Everyone's all over Dashboard these days, but I don't get it. I don't like any new MM stuff. This one's a classic.

If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix: Mr. Shain had a lovely assemblage of Phoenix playing on our ride to the tournament this weekend. I have decided that this is my favorite one. Also, it's my current internal theme song.

Flathead - The Fratellis: If this isn't already in an ipod commercial, it should be. I think it is. Isn't it? Eh, whatever. Poppish, but catchy.

When You Wasn't Famous - The Streets: British white rapper? Yes please.


John said...

Ben Kweller, eh? I just saw him last night in Northampton! He opened for Gomez at the theater across from the Tunnel bar. I thought he was pretty good, but his voice still sounds really young (like 15). He had posters and T-shirts for sale that clearly were targeting the "tween" age group, if I'd known you were a fan I would have picked one up for you.

blythe said...

i've missed you! pearl street? a weird place for them, i think. he does sound young, i agree. i missed him when he came to OKC a couple of weeks ago. how was gomez? i'm off to dallas to see andrew bird this week (check him out if you haven't already), but other than that, this area's pretty crappy in terms of shows. oh, i'm going to see neko case too. should be good. good to hear from you, assuming you're who i think you are...

Mr. Shain said...

i remember zack... weird. anyway you totally forgot to preface your blog with "guess what". very sad. also, there was no mention of the delightful things you learned on saturday, e.g. children on the internet, weight-loss and the wii, these hands ain't made for bowling, gucci will throw you out of their store if you're larger than a size two, kiwis high school boys are dreamy, and why we should have just cooperated with the Hutus in Rwanda.

i'm waiting for my updated blog-roll from you....

Clinton said...

That Fratellis song is like smoking crack made from Pixie Sticks. LOVE IT!

Clinton said...

Oh, also, if you like Phoenix... try to track down another French pop band called Malajube. They're like Phoenix, but a little more up-tempo and they actually sing in French. Which is always fun.

blythe said...

I just discovered Malajube last week. I've been listening to Montreal-40ยบ nonstop. I have absolutely no idea what they're saying, but I don't give a shit. Also, have you heard of Tahiti 80? They're kinda Phoenixish, if you're into that. Thanks for the suggestions, yo. And now, I want a pixie stick.