Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dinner with the G-'rents Part II:

So, this evening, I had another opportunity to dine with the aforementioned g-rents. This time, Macaroni Grill was chosen as our meeting place. Good thing too, because we sure as shit wouldn't fit into an Olive Garden family friendly setting. Everyone always has such a great time there! If you eat off of my brother's plate, he will knife you with a shiv made from a crouton. Things got off to a good start, this time, I think because we were missing my female roommate (who is now screaming uncontrollably at the TV because Duke is beating BC. Yes, friends, it's that time of year. March Sadness.) Highlights from this meal include, but are not limited to:

1. G-pa draws (oh yeah, this is one of those classy places where you get crayons and can draw on the paper covering the table. Would you like freshly ground pepper on that? Yes.) two stick figures with their hands touching a circle with a small dot in the middle. What's that? asks Brother Bee-Spot. Two men walking abreast, replies G-pa.

2. Conversation turns to American Idol where Grandma Bee-Spot declares Taylor Hicks a bit "light in the loafers" and remembers Ruben Studdard as "the black one."

3. G-pa draws two fours that intersect too closely resembling a swastika (search terms are going to go nuts, I might have to remove that).

4. Brother Bee-Spot orders veal. He wonders why it's taking so long. G-pa answers, they're bottle feeding it its last meal in the back.

5. Brother Bee-Spot then orders cheesecake for dessert. G-pa says, Not to dissuade you, but cheese is not cake.

6. I keep my mouth shut (except to instruct roommate#1 to give his credit card to the waiter before either grandparent notices to thwart any haggling and a potential wrestling match between an elderly man and his rather portly son) and draw toasters, as I am apt to do.

7. Now back to last week's bottle of wine.

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