Monday, March 26, 2007

Blasphemy/Super Cao Nguyen/Movie Review/ADD/Dumbass

Go directly to Hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Friday night, I somehow managed to convince L-Ma to come with me (a miracle in itself) to the Hosty Duo at the Deli. And she smiled. And laughed. Success! Then, I embarked on one of those marathon philosophical discussion/arguments sessions with high school friends into the very wee hours of the morning. I'm pretty sure they think I'm totally insane and am going to hell any day now. Being not even what I consider very liberal in a red state is tough going sometimes. I am not crazy, I'm right.

I'm not religious, but there is a Heaven

and it's Super Cao Nguyen! I made the trek Saturday afternoon to the most freaking fantastic Asian market around. Ok, there are probably others, but damn, this one is the shit. Aisle after aisle of unrecognizable sauces, canned vegetables, and oodles of noodles. There was produce that didn't suck. And bok choy that actually looked edible! Homemade potstickers are definitely on the menu tonight. Oh, and I finally got some Sriracha, my culinary savior. Delicious, delicious Sriracha.

Cabbage! Miso paste! Look how high tech!

Ok, Adam, we get it. You're a serious actor.

I saw Reign Over Me. Don Cheadle is pretty good. And that's about it.

What was I saying?

I got some paint. I've got a nightstand that needs updating. I do not have motivation. My sad little project is sitting out in the yard getting rained on.

Sometimes, I am an idiot.

Just sayin'.


John said...

I'm not really a big Don Cheadle fan. I think it was his role in "Mission to Mars" (
that initially turned me off. Did anyone other than space-geeks like me even see that one?

blythe said...

yeah, that was some seriously stinky acting, BUT hello! hotel rwanda?

John said...

I'll add it to my netflix, but if there are any sentient sandstorms that'll be it for Cheadle.

blythe said...

if i know you, and i think i do(n't), i would suggest a box of kleenex. for crying.

Matt said...

"After the Sunset." Strike two.

They don't have Sriracha in regular grocery stores there?! Amazing.