Thursday, March 08, 2007

--------- of the day.

Admission of the day: I love musicals! My class watched Oliver! today and I totally geeked out and sang along with every song. Yeah, I know them all. Every word. I also know all of The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Annie, My Fair Lady and the list goes on and on. And yes, I do listen to the broadway channel on cable radio. And I love it.

Seinfeldian thought of the day: How do they (shoemaking elves, of course) come up with names for shoes? I was perusing trying to find a nice pair of springish flats that I won't buy because I have no money and suddenly realized that every pair has a dumbass name. They're all names I would imagine to exist in some super yuppy Montessori preschool class where all of the parents drive Audi station wagons and shop at Whole Foods. Any industry insiders out there that can confirm shoes are named after J. Crew executives' kids?

"Phoebe" - J. Crew Spring collection. The price is as pretentious as the bow. I must have them.
Diesel's "Obi." "Luke," "Leia," and "Darth" not pictured.

My namesake. "Blythe" by J. Crew. Sorry kids, these sold out last year.

Question of the day: What do the lyrics to the White Stripes "Hello Operator" mean? Telemarketing gone bad?

Hello operator
can you give me number nine?
can I see you later?
will you give me back my dime?
turn the oscillator
twist it with a dollar bill
mail man bring the paper
leave it on my window sill

find a canary
a bird to bring my message home
carry my obituary
my coffin doesn't have a phone
how you gonna get the money?
send papers to an empty home?
how you gonna get the money?
nobody to answer the phone

Regret of the day: I wish I'd lost my virginity to anything other than Dave Matthews Band. I can never change that. I totally should have waited till John Mayer was around or something. Lord knows my body is a wonderland.

Blog of the day: An Irish and a Jew. Found this through ZFS. Enjoy. (AIAAJ, if you stumble upon this link, expect your readership to soar by probably 1, maybe 1.5. No need to thank me.)

Realization of the day: Were I, God forbid, to be the victim of a homicide or some other incident involving foul play, and CSI were to swoop in and go through all of my stuff, including my wastebasket, they would have found this:

Home sweet home.

Song/video of the day: Alright!


Julie_Gong said...

I started writing about my love of musicals since it is Gene Kelly month on TCM but it was lame so I stopped. This is lame too. I do like Sam Adam's though. Good choice!

Clinton said...

God, I love that Pulp song; can't even remember when last I heard it. Most excellent!

blythe said...

it's a goodun. makes me smile every time. much like sam adams.