Wednesday, March 28, 2007

blarghity blargh

Commenter Phobia:

I read a shit ton of blogs. I mean, a lot. A ridiculous amount, really (as in almost everything to the right - everyday). I'm not sure why (ok, some of them are quite humorous, well written, etc unlike this one). Is it an effort to escape the blahness of my life? Maybe, but my life isn't all that blah. Am I a voyeur at heart? My porn preferences say so, but still, I don't know. In any case, I spend a lot of time reading (i.e. an initial once over to check if the post is too long in which case I will immediately go to Best Week Ever because I have the attention span of a two year old on Ritalin), but cannot seem to make the leap to commenting. I get insanely nervous about comments. What if it's not funny? This question plagues me into my dreams, which incidentally included a little sex number about this guy The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. (vocalist for Gym Class Heroes) - I dunno (but I am really into tattoos at the moment). I want to comment as much as I want comments of my own, but it seems that neither is meant to be.

Decisions, decisions:

I've got to thank L-Ma for this one. I think, were I to get a tattoo, much to the dismay of those of you who weighed in, I would get a small Oklahoma on the middle-ish of my back. That's crazy/stupid/weird! you say. And I agree, but so it goes. Fortunately for all involved, I am essentially broke and there will be no inking of my epidermis for some time.

Birthday of the day: Siobhlogger turns the big 3-0! Seriously, 30 is the new awesome.

Song of the day: By Your Side - Cocorosie. This one goes out to Margreat. It is haunting, much like you.

Video of the day:


Mr. Shain said...

i already have a friend (who we debated with in high school!) who has an oklahoma tatoo on his inner forearm.

seriously, just say now. try crack r something if you're bored.

Mr. Shain said...

rather, just say no to now.

Julie_Gong said...

I am not funny but I get joy out of leaving crap ass comments and thinking to myself that it is crap and then thinking about the blogger thinking it is a crap comment and that they will never read my blog because it is crap. What!?!

See not funny at all but I still choose to leave it. Yea for me... and you because your blog IS funny!

Jess said...

It can be a little intimidating to start commenting on a blog -- especially if it seems as if some of the commenters have some sort of relationship.

I happen to quite like your comments. So have at it, sister!

Also, I think the OK tat idea is most excellent.

blythe said...

shain - who?

julie - what do you mean? you're hilarious. i just need to grow some lady balls.

jess - thanks for the comment and tattoo support. also, thanks for writing "tat." i've always had a thing for that word.